Fun & Elated with Thrift Shop Finds!

jeannespinesNovember 11, 2011

My fav outing is thrift shopping w/friends & the last month or so I've been lucky enough to enjoy some day trips! Here's some of my finds.

Due to the contagious 'Enablers R Us' group, I spied this Arthur Court tray last week at a consignment shop...over a month old so got 20% off the ticket price ... sold $8! (on E-bay I see the same tray in the $25 to $45 range) Isn't this tray just precious!!!

The 2 scarves in the backgrd of these pics (one actually is quite large & I bought it for a table runner) were finds for my Woodfield leaf tea & toast plates I've shared on the forum. The peachy solid color one is cashmere from a TS w/20% off ...sold $4.50. The finely striped one is new but on 75% clearance...sold $2.50!

Here are a pair of 'deer' for the Holidays(TS $6) ...I am loving 'deer' in my Holiday decor & it can stay up past the Christmas holidays! & the little pinecones were a steal I thought for $1 ea ...they are heavy & metal coated:

Label on bottom of deer "At Home America" decor.

I've always liked the 'pencil' holiday characters so came across these for $1 ea to add to the few I least storage is no issue w/these! LOL! The little baking dish I will use for a banana bread of something 'gift.' ($1)

And, I'm a sucker for 'trees!' ..this little skinny potted one was $2 at a TS, too will find a spot (somewhere) after Thanksgiving! LOL!

TFLookin', Holiday-ers, 'enabling' friends! Jeanne S.

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very cool finds - I esp like the pencil figures - they tuck into so many neat places and like you said take up no room but add so much to a vignette .....


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WooHoo! You found some neat goodies Jeanne. I really like those deer and the pencil figures. Your Arthur Court tray looks like the one my neighbor had found for me a few months back.

I'm a little blue today, I sent my two friends/neighbors off to go thrift shopping without me today because my son is out of town and no one else avaiilable to stay with DH. I can hardly wait for them to get home so I can see all the goodies they've found! ;o)

So glad you had a fun time and shared your treasures with us too.


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Oh luvs, sorry you missed out the trip...hope there will be another one you can go on soon! It's so nice to go w/friends as there is always so much reminiscing & laughter. Hugs to you, luvs & your DH. Thanks for commenting & you, too, lynne. Jeanne S.

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What a wonderful shopping day for you. That Arthur Court tray was a screaming deal. I only see the expensive ones while out shopping.

The scarves are such a great color and will be lovely with your dishes. I love the deer and know you have the perfect decor to go with them. At Home America has nice things so I'm sure they are heavy.

I have some pencil figurines and enjoy using them too. The baking dish looks brand new. You can bake me something and send. Just Kidding! I've been trying to cut down on my sweets but I Love Them more than other food. Sweet little pinecones. Are they metal?

That's an interesting little tree you found. Bet it won't be long and you'll know exactly how to fit it into some of your decor.

Luvs, I'm so sorry you didn't get to go shopping w/friends. I believe everything happens for a reason. We'll just have to believe you'll hit the jackpot when you GO!!!


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Jeanne hit the jackpot! Way to go! I remember when Luvs got the Arthur Court bunny tray too. I have a small collection of Arthur Court rabbit frames and a few serving pieces. That stuff is definitely pricey on eBay, but its so pretty and detailed! They do other critters besides bunnies too.

I 'think' I have those deer, LOL. They look familiar. Will see when I unpack. I have lots of deer figures, love to decorate with them. And cardinals.

I'm happy your day so good, Jeanne. And Luvs, I'm so sorry yours wasn't the fun it should have been. That stinks. But I'll hope Punk is right and your next time out will be a big jackpot too.

hugs, Karen

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The deer are great, very classy looking, but I'm also a nut for those pencil figures. I just love them & don't know what it is about them. I have 4 different ones for Halloween I've found over a few years at garage sales, but found a few xmas ones this summer, now all I have to do is remember where I put them.

I need to hit some thrift stores too, our garage sales are over, we hit 30's this week, so winter is definitely here & garage sales are out til next spring! :(

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Thanks punk, PM & yachter...appreciate your comments.

Guess it was 'Enabler' luvs (above) who put that Arthur Court bunny family tray in my hands! LOL! And, probably spied some of that ACourt in your house, too, PM!

Those deer are quite subconsciously, you probably 'enabled' those into my hands, too, PM! (since you have them, too) LOL!

Good thing I didn't see any Halloween 'pencil' figures or I could accuse you, yachter, of being an 'Enabler,' too! LOL!

Thanks Holiday-ers! I will enjoy these TS finds! Jeanne S.

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Marlene Kindred

Okay, are making me so GREEN!! With envy...LOVE all of your finds...what great deals! The bunny tray is adorable and your reindeer...what a steal! I need to go shopping with find the coolest stuff!

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