combi oven / in-counter steamer question

mtc1June 17, 2012

In planning wall space for our future kitchen, I'm trying to figure out if we will both be able to use the combi at the same time or if we need an additional appliance so we can eat together. I am a vegetarian and my husband is a meat eater. We currently need to wait turns to cook, or even just to reheat leftovers, so my veggies don't smell like fish or meat. I have heard if you steam there is no flavor transfer, but do you know if is true if using a combination of steam and traditional heat?

I don't want to waste money for a second combi, but if it will really be that great of an oven for us, it's worth the one time expense if i means we can cook together.

My second question is about an in-counter steamer. Does anyone know what, if anything, it does better or as well as the combi, or would you always chose the combi and skip it. I'm just trying to figure out if we can't use the combi together, would it be better to get the in counter steamer or two combis. I can't even believe I'm considering this but that is the worst part about eating for us.. our food is never hot at the same time.

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We actually purchased both an in counter Wolf steamer and a Wolf combi oven though the house is not yet completed so can't say as to usage. Our plan is that the in counter steamer will be the 'go to' veggie steamer/pasta cooker and also double as a defroster/warmer/proofer. The combi will be mostly the 'go to' bread baking oven but also double as a pastry oven, we like custards/souffle's and puddings and think that will work well for those. We'll have a large gas oven too which I think will mostly be for large savory dishes and pizza's, stuff like that. I like to experiment so having a lot of different tools (a Wolf convection oven also) is fun besides the fact we're building a custom home and are loading up w/our 'want to haves'. If I were a vegan I think I would already have an in counter steamer, a friend has one and uses it daily. One thing I would mention is that they are quite large and need to have the drain plumbed and
a pot filler close by wouldn't be a bad idea either. It is recommended that they are vented in some way which could also lead to some issues.
So while our usage will be different than your own I believe the in counter steamer and combi will both be very useful kitchen appliances. However if I had to choose just one it would be the combi, don't know about flavor transfer in the real world yet.

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