Gray Sections in Grout

kittenkat_2002July 17, 2012

Hi all -

On the right and left side of the image, there are gray spots where there should be grout. In the lower right hand side, it looks like there is another gray area coming up. Any idea what's causing this? And how to fix it? It's only noticeable when the floor in wet.

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If it is only showing when it is wet then probably the grout isn't sealed very well right there. Let it dry out really well for a couple of days (maybe longer, look on the sealer for how long to let new grout dry) and then reseal it.

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Most likely, it's thinset poking through that shows a different color than the grout when wet. Have your isntaller come back, scratch it out, and replace it with grout, and you should be good.

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