Broan Range Hood Speed Control

ohmmm_gwJune 7, 2013

Broan Range Hood model #AP100-A installed for a little over 2 years now. Was working fine, then....

fan motor got to the point where it would not spin up on it's own without my reaching in and giving the squirrel cage a bit of a hand spin.

This range hood has a variable fan speed dial(see photo below).

This is just a household kitchen. No major grease/gunk buildup on it.

So I order a new motor from Broan directly. Got it the other day. Installed, no problem. Old motor and new motor have all the same wiring, same label, same part # etc. Only one electrical connector which can only connect in one orientation.

Turn it on, high speed works.

Turn the variable speed dial down lower, nothing happens. &%$#%!

When I rotate the speed dial all the way low, I can hear a SLIGHT change in sound and maybe a VERY slight change in motor rpm, barely noticeable.

So what is the real issue here? The variable speed worked perfectly before.

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If new motor works normally only when fan speed control is put to high that suggests the speed control also needs to be replaced. Get a picture of it if you can.

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This looks like a dual wound motor, and if one motor circuit is broken, then the control might only work on one speed and not the others. Unfortunately, Broan's support for NuTone's lifetime warranty has reportedly been terminated. Perhaps in your area the organization providing service and replacement parts can test the motor for functionality and determine whether a new one is required.


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I think I read the first post too quickly. If this problem occurs with a new motor, then the speed control would be the more likely culprit.


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