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musicteacherJuly 4, 2013

I was just reading these "best and worst things I did in my bathroom" posts (about page 54 on this forum), and here are my best of their best worst of their worst. Bad news first. Someone had LED lights under her floating bathroom vanity, which served as a kind of night light. I have three large furry dogs and I know I would stay awake all night watching fur bunnies float around and imagine things growing in them. Honestly, vacuuming twice a day is not enough. Best idea: "- vac pan at the floor level that connects to our central vac system to make daily cleanups a breeze. I am picky about hair on the floor". Do you think you could just keep it open and let it continually clean? My son's school has a chemistry lab that boast equipment that will replace all the air in the room every 3 seconds. That might work! This would be second only to what I wished for when I had toddlers - a room sized grate for the kitchen floor with running water under it. I didn't have dogs when I had toddlers but should have. When my grandsons eat over here. There is a dog at each child's side just waiting to assist by cleaning up any spills or drips. Win -win!

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LOL, I have a LED night light under may vanity and I really like it.

No dogs or cats in the house though. We got all the animals outside. But the light does highlight my toe prints that are mixed throughout the grout on my beautiful herringbone floor. The grout space was just large enough for me to curl my toes into the spaces as I hung on, struggled with grouting the floor last winter. Saw them the next day, and fixed them. But when I installed the LED I saw all the ones I missed :)

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