Any experience with Kitchenaid Proline ranges and dishwashers?

janitor53June 9, 2014

Specifically looking at the models KGSS907PSS for the range and KDTE404DPSS for the dishwasher. They are the stainless models with the "pro-style" handle.
Looking to replace my old, white appliances with these and really having a tough time making some decisions. The range looks like it "might" be underpowered in the burner area with only one semi-powerful burner. Any thoughts on either of these appliances?

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I recently bought the dishwasher, and love it so far! Super quiet, and it has a heated dry setting so dishes come out dry as well as clean! :)
I can't help you on the range, as I have a Bluestar, which I could not live without....

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I have the dishwasher as well. Agree with ctycdm, it is VERY quiet. I pretty much wash my dishes before loading the DW, so I can't comment on how well it cleans. It does dry them nicely, though! The little covers on the flatware containers that allow you to keep the pieces separated are a bit of a pain and have a tendency to fall off. And don't be fooled into thinking the DW has a stainless steel interior, as it is just stainless-colored plastic (retracted: the tub is stainless, the door is plastic).

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Stainless colored plastic? That's a new one. You sure about that?

Prewashing or even just prerinsing is not only a waste of water, it can lead to permanent etching.

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Stainless colored plastic? That's a new one. You sure about that?

I thought I was, but I went in and looked again. The interior of the door appears to be stainless colored plastic, at least that's what it looks and feels like. The tub itself feels different and is stainless steel according to their website.

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I just purchased the KA freestanding range and can say its a disappointment. The burners just dont work well and over all it seems cheaply made. The service tech is coming out due to a scratch on the range and the fact that the knobs get burning hot anytime you use the over for over 30 mins. I think you have many more options at a nice range given the amount you want to spend.

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