My Appliance Repairman. Observations

beekeeperswifeJune 4, 2012

Thank goodness for Gardenweb and all of the knowledge here. This is not a rah-rah post for any particular appliance but I thought I'd share what the "common folk" know.

If you read my SZ post about the temperature, you will understand that I had to have a service call and we haven't even moved in yet. But that's another story.

So, a repairman from a dealer came out. We didn't buy any appliances from them, this was a warranty repair and they were the closest and recommended by SZ. Anyway

After he's done declaring my SZ needs all new guts, he looks at the range hood, that is still sitting on the floor waiting to be installed. (The range is in, the counters are in, it really is a nightmare waiting to happen for the builder) and he asks "what kind is that?" It's an Independent with a 1200 cfm fan I said. "Never heard of them", Told him how they went out of business, yadayadayada..."hope you don't need parts", I told him I had a spare motor and I can use any motor in it. "Smart lady" he says.

Then he looks at my 36" BS rangetop, covered with a piece of cardboard. "What's that?" I told him. "Never heard of them", (we are 1 hour from Reading, btw). I explained a little bit to him. His response was "Thermador can do that". I just agreed and said see you soon to completely replace the guts to my fridge.

I'm just so thankful for everything I've learned here.

thanks for keeping my eyes open to more than just what one appliance dealer has to offer.

They must sell Mieles because he didn't stare at them. And I have the dishdrawers hidden so he missed them.


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Appliance repairman or rocket scientist?
You make the call.

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