Kitchen layout help!

Eden-ManorMay 8, 2013

I posted this in the kitchen forum, but I'd love some thoughts from this forum.

I have this dilemma in the kitchen because we are getting the Sub Zero Pro 48 and my husband wants it to be the focal point of our kitchen, like a piece of art, and this means not framing it. Here are some pictures of our kitchen layout and you can see what the issue is with this fridge. My KD didn't have our fridge in her software, so this isn't exactly right.

I love the location of my pantry door, so moving that is not an option.

You're all great at finding creative solutions, so I look forward to hearing them all.

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I know you don't want to hear this, but, move the pantry door. An extra step around the corner isn't much and it's still easy to access.

Or, eliminate the fridge. It's kinda overpowering for the space as it is. It totally crowds that corner and makes it awkward. And it's not going to be the focal point of the kitchen in this layout. The range will. As it should be. You'd have to rearrange things totally to put the focus on the fridge, and then that would be a strange layout.

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Nothing on the short pantry wall of your kitchen is going to be a "focal point". The geometry of the kitchen plan is such that the cook-top and hood are the strongest visual element in your kitchen, followed by the sink-window area.

FWIW, if looks like the rather narrow aisle way between island and refrigerator is going to be a "choke-point" whenever the refrigerator doors are open.

If it were my design, I'd relocate the pantry door, and use the entire pantry wall, floor to ceiling, to build in the refrigerator and perhaps a pull-out pantry unit for immediately needed food stuffs, between the refrigerator and corner of the partition. The cabinetry on the refrigerator wall might be best if it is the height and details of the cabinets on the cook-top wall.

I'd use the pantry for bulk items and cleaning equipment.

Good luck on your project.

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44" is plenty of room. We are not building the Sub-Zero pro 48" in. It is too nice to build in.

I have two pantries. I am considering moving the entry to the hall.

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If you are moving the pantry door and shift the refrigerator to the current door location, you might be able to create a kitchen/pantry pass-through at the current refrigerator spot -- if you would be interested in that sort of thing.

Traditional Kitchen by Grand Rapids Architect Visbeen Associates, Inc.

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