Can I substitute this start device on my refrigerator compressor?

txmatJune 4, 2013

I have a Roper Model RS22AQXKQ04 side by side refrigerator. The start device needs replacing. I went to one of our local appliance parts stores and they did not have in stock the exact replacement but did have one they said would be compatible. Before I install it I want to make sure I will not be damaging my compressor. The OLD part is number 2220498 and when I look it up online I get part number 2188831. What they SOLD me was a kit that contains a 2188830 & a 2188829. Can I safely use either the 30 or the 29 in place of the 31? One thing that makes me suspicious is the instructions that came with the 30 & 29 say they are to be use on Embraco compressors type EGY80 & EGY90 "only." My compressor is a Matsushita DG66C10RAU6. Does that make a difference?
Thanks for any advice!

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Is it just the start relay, you are talking about, or is it the start capacitor?

The relay, as long as it is wired correctly will not damage the compressor, if its wired wrong, things could get interesting, not the least would be a blown circuit breaker.

The capacitor on the other other hand must be the correct capacity and the correct voltage rating or higher.


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It is described as the start device with overload protection. The run capacitor was also shot and the parts store had the correct capacitor. The capacitor plugs into the start device that I am asking about.

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Based on the information you provided I think the start and run windings may be on different pins which means you should use the correct relay not one that may work.

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This start device is described in different places as a start device with overload protection and also as a combo relay with overload. So, if I understand what your suggesting that the combo relay or start device may be wired differently which is why there are three different part numbers that look the same. And the wiring difference can make a difference. Do I understand this correctly?

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if you use a start device that is made to have the run winding pin on the right side pin and your compressor happens to have the run winding pin on the left side this equals burned out compressor.

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Thanks. I have returned the start devices to the store and ordered the correct part.

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