Help with bathroom tile regrouting?

jewelllauJuly 26, 2013

My husband and I are planning to spruce up our Brooklyn apartment bathroom that's in pretty sorry shape. The landlord has flatly said that they "don't do tile" (translation: "your rent is stupidly cheap so we're definitely not going out of our way to help you") but luckily they have given us free reign to do what we want with the place.

Since it's an apartment we don't feel comfortable ripping out the tile completely for obvious time, money, and ownership reasons.

As you can see from the link, the caulk is disgusting and cracking in many places. Some of the subway tiles are also cracking, and they aren't even all the same color and spacing since the landlord only replaced the minimum amount of tile when it was absolutely necessary.

I'm wondering where we should start with the renovations, if it's safe for the tiles to regrout, if we should paint the walls or leave them white, and what colors of grout we might use on the floor and walls to make them slightly less hideous. Any advice from you guys would be awesome!

Here is a link that might be useful: Bathroom

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Sophie Wheeler

With renting, I wouldn't do any more than remove the old caulk, recaulk, and then use an epoxy grout colorant on the grout. Regrouting is hell work, even if you use a grout blade in a multi tool. It's dirty hard work.

And your landlord is required to repair the cracked tiles that are leaking moisture behind the walls. If he doesn't, it will only get worse and accelerate the full gut remodel that WILL be needed before too long. He really should be the one who recaulks as well, as that's a repair issue as well. If it's not done well, he could blame any problems that (certainly) exist now behind those walls on the poor job that you do (by his say so).

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