Leaded glass transom + side lites a bad idea for W/SW door?

threeapplesMay 6, 2012

I am trying to determine whether we will do our transom and side lites with wood mullions or leaded glass. I don't like the look of leaded glass encased between panes of protective glass, though I am very aware that it helps with insulation and protection of the leaded glass. Anyway, historically leaded glass was used with no protective barrier and much of it has lasted through the ages. But, I'd like to hear GW thoughts on whether this would be a bad idea given the direction of the front door. I'm exploring this option because it's significantly less expensive than the wood mullions. For reference, the design is a spiderweb transom and arched design in side lites. thanks!

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Threeapples- Where do you live? What side do the winds come from, in the winter? We're in zone 4, wind from the west...in eastern Washington, so probably not a good idea here...but your situation might be completely different. It certainly sounds pretty, though! Leaded glass is such an elegant look :)

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we're in northeastern ohio. i have no idea which way the winds come and how it would hit that part of the house. we have no overhang so the windows would be up against the elements.

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Your construction crew could probably tell you about the winds. You might miss the extra insulation more, if the winds are hitting that side of the house. If you get any winds from the Great Lakes, they're probably coming from the north. It might be worth checking, before making your final decision.

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Yes, the leaded glass lasted, but that does not mean it was energy efficient. I also don't know if the leading that was used back then is the same leading that is currently used as far as chemical makeup. I do know that when I took in the English leaded glass from the 1930's to get repaired/expanded, I was told the new sections would have thinner lead as the thicker lead they originally were made with is not available.

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thanks, i'll have to check on the winds. i love the thicker lead and one of the stained/leaded glass artists in our area still uses it if it's what you're referring to as being wider strips of lead.

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