Did you know that Karen has been shopping with me?

jaybirdNovember 11, 2010


I have been tapped (you already KNOW that my back has a sucker sign) to redo the Advent altar displays. The one that runs from November 28th through December 23 is.....you got it.....PURPLE!!! I have been on the hunt for several weeks for PURPLE pics, ribbon etc., to make the base of the display. Every time I find something particularly pretty, I think "ooooohhhhh Ms. Karen would really like that". So that is how Karen has been shopping with me :^)

PS: I DO have a digital camera on my Christmas list and Santa is actually listening..............I think............

I told him that I NEEDED it for my "invisible friends" :^)

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Oh, I SO glad "Karen" finally got out of the house to go shopping! LOL.
Thanks for taking me along, I'm sure it was fun!!

Actually I'm so mad at Mz FATE today. Dad's in the hospital getting his pacemaker replaced, and I had the afternoon free to shop and enjoy some real "me time" for a few hours. (Jason is there with Dad.)
Well wouldn't you know, a Fibro flare hit during last evening and this morning I could barely walk across the house with my legs and back so bad. I can't do a thing!
Can we say (SCREAM) frustrating! I'm beginning to think
I'm under house arrest between my body and caring for Dad.
So if any of you want to take me fantasy shopping, that would be great. LOL. Tell me what I bought with my invisible money.

Speaking of which, JB, Santa is sort of invisible himself so I'm sure he understands about your invisible friends and will get you that camera. If he doesn't, we may just have to pass the donation plate around here. (tho it didn't work for me last year, LOL)

hugs, Karen

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J, you better never retire from your church!

Karen, I am so sorry you are in so much pain! Praying for you!

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The great news for today is my Dad had no problems and is home feeling good. He and his little Yorkie (who's almost 13 yrs old) have had their dinner and are snuggled up in bed watching TV.
Life is good! (and I saved money not shopping. LOL)

hugs, Karen

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Karen, so glad to know that things went so good for your Dad today; and so sorry that your Fibro is flaring. I have sure been there and done that! My back is hurting tonight, I started making wreaths today and am pretty worn out tonight, don't know if my body is going to corporate with me or not this year. I always try to make enough money during wreath season to do my Christmas shopping, but this year may be the one I have to retire from it.How do you convince your head that your old bones need to corporate with what you want to accomplish? Sending prayers to both you and your Dad. Janet

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J, what a sweet thing to take Karen shopping and she didn't have to leave the house. Sounds like you have been NICE so I'm hoping you get your camera so you can share pictures with us "invisible friends".

Karen, thanks for updating us on DD. Sounds sweet having a full tummy and snuggled up with little pooch, watching TV. As for you and that Fibro, we need to do something for you. Hope you have another chance to get away and Spend all that money your saving! For all you do there should be a reward coming soon.

Talk to you all later.


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Jaybird, isn't it great how when we see certain things our friends come to mind? I'm quite sure Karen got a kick out of being in your shopping thoughts. Hope your project turns out spectacular.

Karen, so glad your Dad had no problems today and is home all snug in bed. So sorry you weren't able to take advantage of having a little free time--but hopefully, you relaxed and managed to keep the pain at bay a little bit.


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ahh, purplemoon, you were in my thoughts today as I was shopping with friends from my former working days...today being Vets Day, the library has always closed & we gals usually had a good day tog "bonding." So, today, I had you in one particular shop (for babies)...& I had a soft purple Ardvark stuffed animal picked out for you...sweet but a $25 price tag! I did come home with a few goodies tho...from TS & antique stores, etc. So I hope you felt the cooler weather here in Iowa today... 55 or so & sunny.

GREAT news on your DD ...hugs to him ...brought tears to hear you describe his comfort zone now at home. He is very blessed to have you for a DD. Take good care of yourself & am thinking of you & hoping Fibro wears down! Jeanne S.

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hmmmm, a purple Ardvark....now that is something I don't have! LOL.
I'm glad you had fun at TS and Antique stores and can't wait to see what you found.
Whoa, 55 degrees for a 'high' might be a bit too cool for this Phx girl. That's our low right now. It was beautiful out today, low 70s and breezy, Tonight the pain has backed off, and I can sit here and enjoy reading the posts.

Janet, I am sorry the Fibro is interfering in your wreaths.
Especially as they are your Xmas money! Wish it was easier for our heads to convince our bodies to do things! I try as much as possible to use the old Nike saying of "Just DO It". I found that thinking about doing stuff generally does me in. Hard to get started when you feel over-whelmed right off the bat. I'm sure you know that tho.

hugs, Karen

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Ahhhh Karen, I hope you are having a much better day today!
I'm thankful that all went well with your Dad and I bet he and the pup were glad to be together again!!
Take care and have a good weekend,

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