Need advice: Replacing tile grout (shower)

GerehanJuly 12, 2013

Hi folks,

Forgive my ignorance, but I am attempting to replace some of the tile grout in my shower for the first time. Have come to this forum for most of my home improvement advice, hopefully you guys can steer me in the right direction....

The grout in need of replacement is where the tile meets the shower basin (see photos). The original shower had what looked like standard grout (similiar in appearance to the other tile grout throughout the shower) but has recently discolored and is beginning to decompose. This grout is approximately 1/2 inch wide in places, and under steady water exposure.

My questions are:
Several friends have suggested using chaulking - is this an option for this application?
Is it best to replace existing grout with regular sanded or an epoxy grout?
Is it best to avoid pre-mixed grout?

Any other suggestions or advice would be immensely appreciated! As always, thanks in advance!

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We had this same thing in our shower. You just need to remove and replace the caulk, not the grout. There is a bead of caulk where the tile meets the shower pan to keep water out of the seam. The caulk develops mold or mildew over time and needs to be replaced. If you use 100% silicone caulk (not "siliconized" caulk), you shouldn't have this problem. However, silicone is harder to work with than latex caulk. I've had success using windex on my finger when smoothing the caulk instead of water. See attached link for some instructions. Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: how to replace caulk

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Definitely use caulk and not grout. Generally caulk is used where tiles meet tub and also the tile wall corners. Definitely read up on how to caulk otherwise you will make a big mess. Your shower will look fantastic with new caulk.

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Hey guys, thanks for the suggestions - this really helps!!

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