Victoria and Albert Faucet Defect?

KiraDesignJuly 3, 2014

I purchased a Victoria and Albert Tub and Faucet. Prior to installation, I noticed a dent on the Faucet. The dent is smooth isn't sharp. Does this look like a manufacture defect or shipping mishandle?

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Either way I would want them to replace it. They may not do that if you it was personally installed it. If a plumber did it I would insist on it being replaced.

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I gotta ask. Why would you install it knowing this dent was there?

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The faucet wasn't installed; but the retailer insisted to install it first and a replacement part will come after, but we all know how that works out.

I tried to contact Victoria and Albert directly; but didn't receive any response. You would think you paid for a premium product and expect better service.

I am now starting to question the tub warranty. 25 years warranty they claim; if anything happens, it could be the shipper, the installer or just the consumer.

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So when did the retailer tell you when to expect the part?

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They told me it's not happening after 3 months of waiting.

Asked me to contact Victoria and Albert directly, and I am not getting response.

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Your retailer told you to install a defective product. I would lay this right at their doorstep and I would push...hard! Don't bother talking to anyone but the boss on this. You need their help getting VA to respond. Under these circumstances VA is well within their rights to be at least skeptical. It will take the plumber, the retailer and VA to share in this one so you can get the new part. They do make excellent products. I have had their tubs in my last two homes.

I was a manuf rep in the P&H industry. My opinion is that VA would not have shipped this in this condition. this happened either at the retailers or in the plumbers hands. Everyone likes to blame the manuf for these types of things, but that kind of flaw would not make it past qc

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I agree that make good product. But their customer service is terrible.

I tried calling and emailing but there wasn't any response.

Seems like they try to ignore the situation.

No matter how good your product is, without good customer service, customer will turn away.

I had similar situation with moen (missing parts). They immediately shipped the part over night so I can finish my Reno. Now that's customer service. And not to mention, I paid much less than what I paid v and a.

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Not sure if it's too late. However, I'm assuming you paid by CC. Dispute the charge. If you didn't, always pay with a CC.

Just last month, I had a retailer try to stick it to me by not accepting a return. They had no policy against returns, even if they did, I believe our State Law dictates what is legal not. Anyways, thought I had to write a letter to the CC company, I phoned them, they turned me over to the dispute department. They took the $300 + charge off, and blocked the company from ever charging me.

You're dealing with an unscrupulous retailer. There's no reason why you should burden yourself doing their job.

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