Thanksgiving/Fall Kitchen Decor (pic heavy)

jeannespinesNovember 7, 2012

Alot of you know I collect Jewel Tea 'Autumn Leaf' Hall China ... started almost 20 yrs ago when bought some plates & a few accessories @DH's parents' estate sale...I love this collection & here's a few from my china closet this morn:

The Willow Angels have been gifts over the yrs:

Here's my kitchen counter to which I decorated last night... 'Autumn Leaf' tray, pitcher, coffee pot & sugar & creamer for Fall decor:

Across from the Jewl Tea is what I call 'countertop island' (actually it's a half wall between the staircase/living room/kitchen. Here's a turkey jar I've had a couple yrs now due to the Holiday 'instigator's on this forum! LOL! & the thrift shopping glass acorn jar is inspired from our own, 'luvs':

Other end is old set of turkey S&P shakers, gr'kids Fall pic gifted, & some porpouri I put tog:

Another view:

And the full length of the countertop decor:

With pretty thrift shop embroidered napkins I found 4 or 5 yrs ago in a metal leaf designed basket:

Happy Fall...hope you're getting ready for a good Thanksgiving holiday! TFLookin'! Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, all of your fall decor is wonderful. I'm always ready to see your Jewel Tea 'Autumn Leaf' Hall China collection. You have so many neat pieces. I sure wish the set I found this summer would of been priced more reasonable and I would of brought it home.LOL

The 'countertop island' is so prety all decorated and lit up. Is that a decorative bread loaf pan? Love that the napkins look like they belong to your Jewel Tea china.

Isn't it fun to have more turkeys, acorns, candles and Stuff to play with now? I think back and my decor was pretty lame years ago but I still loved it.haha Thanks for sharing.


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punk...that bread pan is like glazed pottery (no markings) & the 'lid' has steam holes in it...I'm going to use it to soften a stick of butter & use on the's a TS (thrift shop) find for $1 ...I had never seen one before...I had it on the walnut shelf above the buffet w/fruit plate & still life framed work. Thanks! Jeanne S. It is fun!!!

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Wonderful! So warm and inviting.

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Everthing is beautiful and so restul to look at. The kids pic fits riht in

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Jeanne, everything looks so pretty. I really like your Jewel Tea china collection.
It brings back memories of years gone by.
I love how you decorated the counter top. The turkeys look proud to be featured.
The thrift shop napkins are perfect for this display.
The bread pan is very interesting, love it.
The picture the kids is the crowning touch!

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Your collection is AMAZING! You have so many of the "extra" pieces.
I have one bowl and I always make sure it's somewhere on my Thanksgiving table.

That picture has got my wheels turning. I need one too. I'll have to round up my four and put something together.

P.S. The bouquets that the angels are holding blend so well with the Jewel Tea colors. Sweet idea to place them together.

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I always enjoy seeing your 'Autumn Leaf' Hall China set
each year. Love how you display it in your cabinet too and the
warm feeling it creates just looking at it.

I also love your counter vignette. What a nice display with your
Gkids pic - the candles and Potpourri!
I definitely have my eye on your large turkey..I
don't remember him.
He has such beautiful colors - even your S&Ps.
Loved looking never disappoint !

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Thanks, Holiday-ers ... appreciate your comments. Thanksgvg will be here before we know it! ...2 wks from today!

...I used to own just 1 turkey I own 2...I wonder who instigated that TS buy!...& they're not out of the cupboard yet!

We have too much fun's time for the holidays again! Jeanne S.

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