Safe Rooms?

phoggieMay 20, 2012

Has anyone put a safe room in their new build? I am building on a crawl space, so won't have a basement and we are in "tornado alley". I have the luxury of having a son across the street with a good basement, but was wondering for resale if it would be worth the extra expense to put one in my house?

If you have one, approximately how much did it cost to install?


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Depends on how big and what features you want!

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I was thinking of the closet that is approximately 8x8. Most that I have seen have cement encasement with a steel door.

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Phoggie, I know you said you have crawl, but do you have the option of digging a small cellar/basement/safe space in one area of your crawl? That might end up being less $ than a safe room for how often you'll hopefully need it.

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One of the least expensive methods for many years was to install a dry septic tank with the top almost at grade level.

You have to make sure it cannot fill with water long term, but they worked for a long time.

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I suppose every little bit helps, why else, when it is your only option, do they say to go into a bathroom? With that in mind, and with a limited budget, in my new build we will beef up a bathroom and call it a safe room. This bathroom has no windows and is tucked beside a stairwell and the two shall be reinforced as much as possible: 2x6 walls, simpson ties and hurricane straps everywhere we can place them, 1/2 CDX sheathing, screwed and glued, and a few extra studs and extra bracing. Under the stairwell, aside one wall of the "safe room", we may have room for a cinder block wall. Add an exterior grade door and I'll have a budget "safe room." Less than ideal, better than nothing. My builder wanted my business and will do all of the above, except the cinder block wall, for no additional cost.

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