Miele G4205 dishwasher smelly dishes

shaunamavonJune 10, 2013

I bought my Miele G4205 in January 2013 and have been having problem with smelly dishes.I have spent many hours on the phone with Tech Support. Service has come out and put in a new rinse aid dispenser and increased the temperature of the wash water. Still had smelly dishes I was told by the installer to only use 2tsp of detergent-soft water) cascade complete and rinse aid(Miele on 3)--smelly dishes and lots of suds. Told by service tech the soap residue will cause an odor. Found out the rinse aid was causing the suds. Turned off rinse aid dispenser. and now have wet smelly dishes. Switched to Miele Tabs got even more suds(even using only a quarter)! Tried Method smarty tabs(1/2) but the glasses still smell. Have read all the old posts and tried all the suggestions. When I hand rinse the glasses and the dry them they don't smell! This is the only dishwasher that fits in my existing kitchen(previous owner built counters 1/2 below standard height). Any advice?

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Did you check & rinse off the filter in the bottom? See what the residual water in the filter well looks like? When I was using Miele tabs I found bits of them in that well and ran a couple of sani cycle loads to clear that out.

Any gunk stuck in the spray arms?

I'd use the Miele DW cleaner and then run 2 sani cycles. Then try a dish load with a Finish Quantum tab which has some bleach. Worth a try.

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The water looks fine. This has been going on since the machine was new. I was told not to use bleach based cleaners in the machine. The spray arms are clean and clear.The dishes look sparkling clean. They just smell. Does anyone use as little as 1/4 tab in their machine?

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Quantum Finish tabs contain oxygenated bleach, not chlorine bleach. They work great and are recommended by many DW manufacturers.

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I have a whole house water softener and went through drying issues at first. It works perfectly now. My rinse aid is set on 3.

Has your onboard water softener been disabled? If not, it should be. They can do it on the phone.

If so, my best suggestion is Miele's dishwasher cleaner first. Then 2 sani cycles with an empty dishwasher and then a Finish Quantum in the next load.

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there were a few old post that says some dishwashing agents are "not compatible" and cascade seems to be the worst with some of these new dishwashers. I have a miele and I get the Finish tab with powerball (not quantum). and sometimes i have jet-dry rinse aid and we never had any problem (we have a new miele futura dimension). maybe u can try them.

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