Retractable Awning

wbrown609May 7, 2013

Posting this here as I thought it would get the most replies. Anyone have any experience with retractable awnings? We have footprint restrictions on our house, but uncovered decks do not count. We have an eight foot wide deck that we would like to get some shade on, but we cannot cover it. I thought about one of the retractable awnings to cover a portion of it. This is a vacation house that will not get much use, and I was thinking about one of the manually operated ones from somewhere like Lowes or Home Depot. Can anyone offer any opinions on something like this? Are they useful or just a waste of money? Thanks.

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We have a retractable awning that we ordered through Costco. Love it. It makes our patio pleasant in the summer. Before the awning, we used market umbrellas, but those (1) broke every year (2) did not shade as large an area (3) took up space in our small garage during the winter. If I recall correctly, it was not much more expensive to get a motorized unit, so we did, but we have never plugged it in because the kids still argue over who gets to turn the crank pole to manually operate the awning.

The one drawback I can see is that it is a bit ugly.

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We had a retractable awning at our last house, it was motor operated but a manual version would have been fine. We loved it, didn't really think it looked that bad and it greatly extended our use of the deck. I definitely preferred it over the table type umbrellas we used before installing the awning.

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We have a Sunsetter motorized that we inherited with our cabin. Ugly? You betcha. But we do love it and use it often. I'd have much preferred a single color to stripes though and I'll likely enclose the box to hide it better.

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