Just A Couple of Thanksgiving Tables

phonegirlNovember 14, 2010

I had a few of these squash or gourds that I didn't know what to do with so I carved the centers out and made candle holders with them. The one on the left has a neat warty look.

DF had given me these vases that were her DM. She said they have to be at least 100 yrs old so I put them on with votive candles on top. Used my turkey napkin rings I made this year.

Then with seeing the Veterans Day Tables, I thought what about a red, wht and blue Thanksgiving table. I only bought one ear of corn candle so I used it for decoration. I will have to many here to use my new dishes so I played with my same chargers, napkin and napkin rings. I brought my pheasant and deer plate out before the season is over and they were left in the china cabinet.

I plan on using my other lg set of gold dishes for Thanksgiving this year. I didn't buy enough chargers from Walmart so not sure what I will do for chargers. It's still raining here so may give that some thought today.


This is what happens when I can't go outside in the yard because it's raining.


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Oh, punk, those turkey napkin rings you made are just the CUTEST! And I like how they POP with the shiny napkins! Sweet! Great use of those left-over gourds, too...how you filled them with the bright leaves & such.

In the second setting, I am ooo-ing & aaa-hing over your dishes ...they are beautiful...I forget, did you tell the name of those? And that one ear of corn you bought is perfect with them. Boy, those Walmart chargers sure look good with lots of place settings! Those were a great buy! And the colors in those old vases look good with the chargers.

Sounds like your Tksgvg will be busy...& love how you go with the flow. Jeanne S.

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Punk, I just don't know how you do so MUCH! Does DH ever complain about trying to keep up with you???? LOL You are the energizer bunny for sure!

Both of your tables look so nice, and you have so many neat things to use on them. Of course, my favorite is those cute turkey napkin ring holders you painted up this year--love their cute faces and tails! ;o)


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Punk, Those napkin rings are too cute!! The vases your friend gave you are perfect. Great idea using the gourds as candle holders. All in all it is a wonderful table.
Using the red white and blue theme in your second table is truly lovely. I love the way it brings out the colors in your plates [which are fabulous, by the way]. That ear of corn is just the right touch.

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Thanks for the comments on these tables.

Jeanne, the plates are by Queen's. I should of made more of the turkey napkin holders and I forgot to replace them with the ones that match my chargers on the second table.My,my...

Luvs, DH never complains about trying to keep up with me. He just sits in his recliner and smiles. I've never been one to just sit around and watch tv. The only time I sit is when I'm on the computer or reading.

NanaK, I still have several other small gourds that I'd like to try something with. I may try to keep them and see how long they will last. May need to do some research on this subject. If anyone knows which gourds keep please let me know. I have so many different gourds and should of posted a picture of all of them for all to see.

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oh my how I love that second table setting - that is just gorgeous - I have 2 Johnson Brothers plates - I also have the Walmart chargers and blue water goblets - I just MAY do my first table setting - TFS .....


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Boy, I sure hope it rains more if this is what you do to pass the time. WOW. Wonderful settings, and I especially love the second with the Queen's Myott dishes. I have two of the turkey plates, one colored like yours and one in all blue. Just for display on my plate rack. I think I "need" the Pheasant one too after seeing yours. (Wasn't it last season that TJ Maxx had these dishes?) They are so darn pretty.

Hey, I made it to Walmart (hey...I got OUT of the house today!! LOL). They had a big tray to match those chargers you got! I thought it would be perfect to display decorations in. Fall, Christmas, "winter" Jan. things.
I also found a BIG leaf-shaped plate I had to bring home.
I'll get photos tomorrow. If not so late in the season, I'd have come home with a lot more of their of Fall things.
LOL. But I behaved.

I keep scrolling back up to look at your tables, so much to see. Like the little tan turkey in the first setting!
I have to agree with Luvs, you are definitely the Energizer Bunny. I swear you must not sleep!

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Punk, I love both your tables, but the second is my fav. I love those dishes. Your turkey napkins are just too cute. when I first saw them, you inspired me to try cutting some Christmas trees out and I painted them green the other night when I couldn't sleep. I am thinking about gluing little seed beads on them for ornaments, but haven't gotten that far yet. I agree with the others that you must have a supper battery or power pack, you never slow down; wish you could "donate" a little of that energy to me. Janet

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Punk, the second table is my favorite too. I have those same turkey plates and use them at Thanksgiving. I like how you've used blue goblets with them.

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Punk..you know I've said it before... you ARE an Energizer Bunny..
These two tables are just lovely.
I like what you did with the gourds..very clever.
Your napkin rings are the cutest I've seen, and the 'Famous' Walmart chargers look great with everything.
I have to agree with the others, your second table is My favorite too.
Those dishes are beautiful and I like how you used the blue stems with them. I've only seen the Turkey pattern in those plates and never the others. I love the pheasant,
and deer ones are nice too.
I guess, like the Lanterns everyone got this year...this is the 'Season of the Pheasant'! lol
Your DH sounds just like mine...just smiles. You know the saying >>> A Happy Wife...Is A Happy Life!!


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Lynne, I'm so happy that my table is inspiring you. Sounds like you have a wonderful start for it. With all your talent I'm sure your tables would be beautiful.

Karen, I'm so tickled you got to get out of the house and go shopping. Will be looking forward to your photos. It snowed here yesterday and today it rained!haha I just bought my dishes this year and love them too.

Janet, please show us pictures of your trees. They sound cute and would be great with seed beads on them. I made some trees along time ago and just dotted gold for the garland, cut out of hearts for ornaments and cut out stars on the branch tips and top, and they were pretty cute.

Dream, can hardly wait to see your Thanksgiving table with these dishes.

Jane, I think DD bought me the pheasant and deer plate last year when everyone was into pheasants. I whined and you know the rest of that story. I used the pheasant on my table because Karen had ask me to display it and show a picture awhile back.

A Happy Wife...Is A Happy Life. He tells me this all the time.

Thanks so much everyone for all your sweet comments on these tables.


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I very pretty table indeed. My favorites are the vases, I love family heirlooms and all things vintage. You guys are giving me serious plate and charger envy.

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