Buying a 30' Bluestar RNB

jirka09June 24, 2012

Thanks to all of the info I have gathered here, I am purchasing a 30" Bluestar RNB. I feel really good about my decision.

I'm getting a custom color! I spoke to a rep at the Dwell on Design show here in LA, and he told me they could match the color to whatever I gave them. It will just take more time.

I've put a small down payment, but the order hasn't been place yet because I was choosing the color. When I go to the dealer tomorrow to finalize the order, I am assuming they will want another payment, but will they be expecting payment in full? Or can I hold back a little to make sure the range arrives as it should?

This is a big purchase, I feel like I need some leverage. Or am I being paranoid..

Any one care to share their experience with their purchase?



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I paid in full when I placed my order, it was for custom color, custom burner config and a color matched hood. He mentioned that with the 'custom' options some payment would be expected up front. On a side note, I placed my order in early April, I'm building new so wasn't in a big hurry. The range showed up in 8 weeks as promised though still way before I need it. The dealer is storing it for me. If you trust your dealer not sure what you need leverage for.

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I recently placed an order for a 36" Bluestar RNB range, custom color. I put half down, the other half paid upon delivery. We have bought other appliances from the same store and did the same thing for those also. I think if the store is well-established and has a good reputation that you should not have any problems.

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Thanks, I did put 50% down and will pay the balance on delivery.

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Mistman and Jenny,
When you ordered a custom color, did you see a "proof" of the color?
Were you happy with the color?

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Honestly, I haven't even looked @ mine yet. I'll go look at it this weekend as we're going to start picking out the rest of the kitchen soon. We're pretty early in the construction phase, had some permit delays, so I've got a pile of appliances in my shop :) The 2 Wolf ovens we purchased are also going to be color matched to the BS (nice to have RAL colors) so I need to verify the green on the range but I'm not too worried about it. My appliance guy saw it and contacted me when it came in, he said it's real perdy :)

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No - I am just getting black, So I just looked at the standard color chart. None of my other appliances will be black so I don't have to worry about matching. I didn't understand your post at first but at second read I see you are getting a true custom color. I would probably want to see a sample first in that case.

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Yes, I'm having them match a certain blue piece of ceramic. The dealer said they won't send a proof, but now that I think about it, it sounds kind of odd.

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Hi jiirka09:

Would you please keep posting when you get your range? I am very interested in the BS too. Read alot of stuff on the net about it. Still not sure, but I am a ways off from starting my kitchen remodel.

Look forward to hearing from you! Best of luck! Excited for you!!

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