Had to have some Thanksgiving crafts fun!

luvstocraftNovember 26, 2010

No elegant tablescape to share with you. There were eight of us for Thanksgiving, and we ate buffet style because my table is not really large. I did use my china and cloth napkins, but kept the centerpiece very low and simple so we could have as much room as possible.

I always try to put a little fun into everything mainly for my little six year old GD. I bought a plush turkey picture and crayons from Big Lots so she could color it while we all visited. She thought that was a neat thing to do, and she also took her chalk outside to the patio and wrote a Happy Thanksgiving message to each of us. We are quite impressed with her spelling now. ;o)

Here's a pic of a few fun things I created to add some fun to our festivities:

These little turkeys cover a cookies and cream candy bar. (See OA, I made them! We had seen these at a crafts show recently.)

Had to make some TG covers for the water bottles too!

And this little frame was hung above the buffet table:

We had a wonderful day and several of us took a walk afterwards--however, even in sunny California, we had to wear our sweaters or jackets! LOL


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What a fun table, luvs! I think it is very beautiful with your china & your turkey/pumpkin centerpc & accessories! Love all the "white" in your t'cloth, chairs & china! Love the paperbag turkeys for the dessert! I bet your DGD enjoyed your table alot! (& probably some Big Kids were smiling, too). Great table prepared with lots of love! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Looks, and sounds, like a wonderful day. I know your family feels special because you put so much love into everything.

hugs, Karen

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Sounds like you had a lovely day Luvs.
Your table looks so festive with your cute turkey creations. How nice to be able to take a walk and just wear a light jacket or sweater...that's sounds like perfect weather to me...we had some rain mixed with sleet at the end of the day!
It's nice that you provide your DGD with fun things to do while she's with the grownups. I'm sure it's something she looks forward to when she visits.
I always keep a cabinet filled with Craft things for my DGkds..before they lived with us...they enjoyed finding something new ea time. I have fun shopping for new things for them too.


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That table is lovely! And I love your craft fun!
Sounds like a wonderful day! It rained here, and the noise level with all the kids was deafening! Mostly little boys who wanted to play football! :)

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Thanks for looking and all your sweet comments. I actually think the grownups enjoyed the turkeys as much as little GD did--especially when they discovered there was candy inside! LOL

I want my GD to think it's fun to come to Gma's house. Jane, I need new ideas for little things to entertain her, she's already hooked on computer games and it's really hard to compete with that! LOL Luckily, I have two dogs she loves to play with and share her food with, so that helps keep her busy. ;o)

I have to tell all of you that while holidays are so fun and such special times with family--I was wiped out last night and today! And then I read Ms. Karen's post on how she's already getting all her Fall decorations put away! Can I just tell you how much I am dreading all that work???? Karen, would you wanna come do mine too? Oh, that's right, I'm supposed to be the energetic, healthy one! You sure do put me to shame, gal. LOL

Love you all.


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Lovely table and beautiful china. The turkey covered candy bars are so cute and I love cookies and cream. You even made water labels, neat.

Your sign is wonderful. I was talking to DD today and I bought her a circut cutter a few years ago for Christmas. She said she would bring it up if I want to use it. I said "best not or I'll never get all the fall decorations down and Christmas up. I am excited to know I have one if I decide I'd like to play tho.

DGD stayed the night with us and I took her to work with me today. She wanted to put up our Christmas tree last night but like you, way to tired for that. I did get out a 4' tree and let her decorate it. GK are sooooo fun.

I took all my fall down tonight and will try to get it put away Sunday. I have to work tomorrow till 5 so it will be dark when I get home.


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Luvs, Your table was lovely. The little candy bar turkeys are adorable. Your DGD will always remember these special things you do for her.

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Your table looks very sharp. I love the items all set against the white tablecloth. Nothing like a white tablecloth to make you sit up straight in your chair at dinner.

Your candy bar turkeys are adorable. Remember the ones we saw that looked like someone was in a big hurry to make several hundred?

I just got a postcard in the mail today about another Craft Show. Will get in touch with you soon.

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