Baseboard with tiled wall and floor?

alilmuseJuly 27, 2012

I've noticed pictures where people have not put down baseboard when they have tiled their floor and walls. I was wondering if this poses any problems? I'm doing a bathroom with 12 x 12 white tiles on the floor and white 3 x 6 subway tiles on the walls up to 4 feet. I'm bordering the tiles with black and doing the shower surround as well. I was planning on using leftover beadboard baseboard around the bottom, but have noticed pictures with out baseboard. Would very much welcome opinions, suggestions. (was even thinking about paint the baseboard black to break up the white. Any opinions please?

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Are you saying you would put baseboard on the bottom of the wall with tile above? Or tile behind the baseboard? In general, baseboard finishes the bottom of the sheetrock and protects the bottom of the sheetrock. If you have tile on the wall, this serves the same purpose as baseboard. I wouldn't use any baseboard if tiling the wall. In one of my bathrooms (and eventually in one more that I will do), I actually used 3" wide bullnose tiles instead of baseboard (and no tile up the rest of the wall). I see no reason to use baseboard in addition to tile and I think the installation would be strange to do so.

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I tiled my wall with the 4x4 white tiles and the floor with 12x12 gray tiles. I also put in basebord. It looks fine. I used white kit/bath adhesive to bond it and also along the top edge. When I redo the bath in the future, I will upgrade the wall and floor tile and will not baseboard it.

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Have you thought about using a cove tile?

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We have 16' of baseboard left over from when we installed beadboard in our Master Bathroom. I have three choice. We used 12 x 12 white tiles on the bathroom floor and are putting 6 x 3 white subway tiles on the walls with black tile on top for finishing.
1. Cut the 12 x 12 smaller and use them as baseboard
2. No baseboard and just start tiling with 6 x 3 tiles
3. Paint the beadboard baseboard either white or black
and them continue to tile with 6 x 3 tiles. (does
anyone like the idea of a black baseboard with this?

The Vanitity is white beadboard look with black granit top.

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