Fridge filters--must they come from manufacturer?

breezygirlJune 4, 2012

Forgive me if this is a really silly question. I've never owned a fridge hooked up to plumbing before.

My built-in KA KBLC36FTS04 has an internal ice maker with filter. Being ever so helpful, the fridge has been telling me for weeks that I need to replace the filter. Must I order the filter through KA or can I order it cheaper from another source? If not from KA, where might you suggest?

Thank you.

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Check prices on online (e.g.,, or other outfits you trust). The important thing is that the filter you get needs to be the right one (shape, size, model #; whatever) for the exact fridge you have, so that it fits and works and stuff. My filter (for a Samsung fridge) just screws in like a car's oil filter, only easier.

Its certainly worth checking online retailers for a better deal than you'll get at the local stores or through KA. But look for the filter made for the fridge you have, most likely by KA.

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I've ordered from these websites in the past. They used to offer six-packs which gave you an even bigger discount but now they only seem to offer 2-packs. There are probably other websites as well. The ones I bought were authentic Whirlpool/KA filters. As chac_mool said, make sure you get the correct one.

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Try a Google search.
I've replaced my Samsung CD/FD water filter with an aftermarket unit for almost 1/2 the price and have suffered no consequence.
My sympathies for your recent loss.


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