Dollbaby & Thanksgiving Decor Done (pic heavy)

jeannespinesNovember 7, 2010

Ok, I finished up & now just looking forward to the Tksgvg holiday! Well, maybe one more Fall wreath project (maybe get it done). LOL!

On my earlier thread I posted "evening" close-up views of here's daytime & full view (a bit washed out by all the light):

Here's a close-up daytime views of turkey in cage & that pretty pumpkin swag:

Close-up of old print of farmers shucking/braiding corn:

And this print I got at a consignment shop this yr...I waited & it got marked down 50% $10 framed &'s hanging in DR by sliding doors to porch:

And that ceramic pumpkin now on the buffet was on top of my china closet...a few wks ago I got this BARGAIN glass pumpkin at HL for $5! It looked so very elegant to me I raised it up on books...but didn't like the covered books with a neck scarf (oldie...I don't wear them much)...looks like this...this is about as "elegant" as my style gets! LOL!

It goes well with the look on the LR front door divider cabinet top:

Last, but not least, DOLLBABY, of course!

I found her a nice, warm, cozy, wine-colored cordoroy jumper at a fav TS hat or I crocheted her this hat last night to keep her warm on these crisp Fall days here for Tksgvg! (I'm sure my Mom is lookin' down & smilin'!) LOL! Crocheting a hat for her doll! Added a little metal leaf & butterfly to the top notch of it..and her warm booties came from my cedar chest...I wore them many, many yrs ago:

Her high chair table is set with a crystal leaf dish I showed you many mos ago on a TS find...& a lovely Johnson pilgrim cup I purchased at another TS for Dollybaby, especially! Since I didn't have a toy for her to hold, I put the brass Rooster & Hen on her tray for play!

Here's a closer look..that's a faux tea light shining in her cup:

And here's a close-up of the cup..I collaged the pics tog in I tend to be not only "wordy" but "pic heavy," too!

Looking forward to seeing all of you "holiday-ers" t'scapes & decor for Thanksgiving! I added a little copper wood box of praying hands to my DR table ... to remember all to be thankful for! Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, Your decorations look just as beautiful in daylight. I remember you finding that candle holder to go with the birds.
The print of the woman with the wheat is the perfect addition. Dollbaby looks so cute all dolled up for Thanksgiving. She must be very proud that you crocheted her new hat. Those booties are sure to keep her little piggies snug and warm. The cup is just the right size for her, and the rooster and hen are adorable!

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I really like the turkey in the wire cloche.
Dollbaby looks darling in her "new" outfit and the yarn you used matches perfectly.
Her/your booties are the perfect finishing touch.


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Your fall buffet looks wonderful, I love the turkey in the cage. The grass bouquet in your gold vase is a great accent. The corn shucking pic is lovely and fits the harvest theme to a tee.

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Thank you, nana & candy...appreciate your comments.
Dollbaby has been fun...gifted from my Mom before she died & I LOL everytime I'm TS'ing & looking for baby outfits Mom would be pleased...I'm not really a doll person...but Dollbaby sure brings a smile to my face!

I called that little cup "Johnson"..but that's not's the bottom of the cup...this forum brought that cup to my attention when I was TS'ing...learning quickly to become an Enablers R Us! LOL! Jeanne S.

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Thanks, frou...posted at same time, missed you...that grass bouqet is the one I posted just a short time back with cut branches & the Twig lights I had bought...glad you liked it! I've been enjoying it each evening. Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, I really look forward to seeing dollbaby each season in her new attire. That little hat you made is so darn cute on her--what a talented lady you are. What amazes me most is that you always have just the perfect little dish or cup and some kind of little "toy" additon for her. How wonderful that you still have your little shoes and they work on dollbaby! Just so cute and too much fun. ;o)

Your buffet decor with the turkey and wire cloche, your elegant looking pumpkin, the lighted branches and all your wonderful little birds just add such a nice warm homey feeling to your decor. It's all lovely, great job.


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I was sure that I had posted in here yesterday but must have hit the 'return to forum' instead of 'preview' button. Oh well - getting old I guess. Anyway - love the vignettes - that pumpkin garland is so cute. Dollbaby is so sweet and looks darling in her new hat and 'old' shoes - what treasures - I can see your mother smiling down :) TFS .....


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She is SOOOOO sweet, and yes I am SURE that your Mom is smiling just as sweetly!!!
Thank you so much for showing the sweet Dollbaby to us!

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Marlene Kindred

Just beautiful Jeanne! Looks so friendly, warm and inviting! When do we come for dinner? And, it looks like Dolly is ready to take a fall stroll in her pretty outfit! TFS~

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Darn, thought I'd posted last night. Sorry Jeanne, I sure meant to. Maybe I just read what Luvs wrote and thought it was mine. LOL. I love the hat you made Dollbaby, and her wearing your shoes is just too precious!
Everything is beautiful, the turkey and cage is my very favorite. Well....after Dollbaby I mean. I just love her to pieces and nothing can compete with her in your decorating.
I've seen the Old English Staffordshire and it sure is easy to confuse with the Johnson. I love both of them, so many pretty pieces.

hugs, Karen

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It looks so pretty, J. And I always love to see dollbaby!

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Everything looks lovely Jeanne...but doll baby
is always a 'Show Stopper'!
You found the perfect outfit for her and the little crochet cap is a perfect match. Her little cup is adorable too.

I guess all that's missing now, is 'Thanksgiving Dinner' !


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Jeanne, you have done so much fall decorating and it's been fun to see. Beautifu job! So glad you got your new picture to hang in the DR. I love it that you crocheted Dollybaby a little stocking hat to keep her warm and decorated it too. DM must be smiling ear to ear.


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Jeanne, I love all your decorations, but like everyone else Dollbaby is the heads down winner. I always enjoy seeing how you dress her for the different seasons. The buffet looks fabulous too, I love the turkey in the cqage and both your pictures are great finds. I think you have a real talent for putting together things that work so well together. TFS Janet

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