The best paper and plastic?

franksmom_2010November 13, 2010

After browsing a few of the posts, this is going to sound totally tacky, but we'll be using paper plates and plastic utensils this year for Thanksgiving.

Does anyone have any recomendations on specific brands that are better than others? My shopping choices are Walmart, Target, HEB(grocery), and there's a small party store in town, but I'm not opposed to driving into the city if I need to.

We're hosting the party, and last year there were 20+ guests, and we expect a similar crowd this year. Last year, I used a mix of newer white china and vintage pieces, and vintage silverplate flatware. It was really, really pretty, but it ALL had to be hand washed. Add to that using all vintage linens (which had to be washed and pressed, then spot treated and washed and pressed again,) and I just can't do that again.

I'll still be using the linen tablecloths, but I think what will work best for us is to use disposables for the rest. I'm slowly building a collection of mismatched white dinner plates that can go in the dishwasher, but won't have quite enough for this year's party.

Thanks for any help!

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Hobby Lobby has some nice paper products & quite a selection for Tksgvg...or if you have a Factory Card & Outlet store in your location...they always have tons of paper products.

I don't mind paper products but hate plastic 'bout using your real flatware...would be easier to wash for 20 flatware settings than washing & ironing linens! LOL! Ahhh, it doesn't's the cooking & being together that is the fun part! Enjoy your big group! We have 15 & do it all buffet style. (but I get help with dishes afterwards!) LOL! Jeanne S.

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For the last 4 years I have had anywhere from 20-30+ for Thanksgiving dinner and have used the good chinette plates but used my own flatware. Dinner is buffet style. We bring in additional tables and we finally broke down and bought a dozen folding chairs. Dinner is very informal and if weather is nice enough a lot of the kids eat outdoors.

I agree with Jeanne - if you can use your own silverware - much nicer than plastic. THe main thing is not to stress and to just enjoy family .....


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I know a LOT of families who use nothing but paper plates, tin foil pans, etc. so everything can be dumped in the trash after dinner.

It's because they have a lot of people over and they can have more fun visiting instead of cleaning the kitchen.

Last year I bought some TG paper plates online, but only because I didn't want to drive to the City to get some.

I think it will be fun for you and everyone there!

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Greetings...if HEB is a shopping place for you, you must be in Texas!!! I'm so glad to have an accomplice!!
We have between 35 and 45 folks at Thanksgiving. I use real tablecloths, real silverware (bundled into the oversized paper napkins and tied with a raffia can just pick up the packet of napkin fork and knife at the end of the buffet line)
To answer your real question :^)... I buy the hard plastic plates and cups (solid gold color) from "Wally's" Card and Party Factory and I buy the oversized napkins from Hobby Lobby. I also buy smaller paper plates and the little cocktail sized napkins...all to match the oversized napkins... for the dessert table. I put plastic forks in a big glass cylinder on the dessert table as well.
The plates and napkins at Hobby Lobby are 50% off right now, and there is a coupon out there for 5$ off your purchase at Card and Party. HTH

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Jaybird, I think we actually have a Wally's here in town. Yes, I'm in Texas.

Anyway, it's a moot point, now. DH doesn't want paper and plastic...I bought a load of white china plates on ebay, and picked up 3 more at the thrift today. I'm going to round out our regular stainless with some plain pieces from Target.

I will be using the paper napkins, though. And the small paper plates and plastic forks for dessert. Whew!!

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