Beadboard shower walls?

theborgJuly 29, 2009


I'm thinking about using beadboard sheets as a shower wall material. Would I absolutely need to get exterior pvc beadboard, or could I use regular beadboard over cement board and redguard? I would coat the beadboard with underwater-rated marine paint and urethane, and caulk the seams (which should be minimal since it's sheeting rather than tongue and groove).

Any experience doing this sort of thing? What would it take to make it work?

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Sounds like a pretty bad idea to me. Sorry :(

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It was the poster pharoah, I think, who did a wood wall in the shower with a marine epoxy. I think there were details and comments in that thread - you might try searching for the word "bling".

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Ceramic Tile beadboard would be safer....

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I was looking at Swanstone beadboard panels for our shower. See my recent post, "cost of tile vs. solid shower surround". I don't think I included a link there, but will here. These are made for the bathroom, though I have seen other posts about using PVC beadboard made for exteriors. The Swanstone is expensive.

You could do the shower in that material, then use wood beadboard on the other walls of your bathroom. If it's the wood look rather than the beadboard look you're after, I have seen bathrooms done in teak. Presumably a lot of upkeep.

Here is a link that might be useful: Swanstone beadboard shower

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Hi theborg,

I wonder about the ease of keeing the grooves of the beadboard clean & free of soap scum.

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I too am considering the Swanstone Beadboard for my shower surround and wondered if anyone who did it loves/hates it.

marymt: I love this pic and have seen it all over the web, but interesting enough it seems to be the only pic of using the Swanstone beadboard in a shower, which makes me think maybe it is a bad idea?

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The picture on the site mentioned, doesn't show a shower. I don't think it would work with all the cleaning issues.

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All I can think of is mold growing in those tiny little crevices. I think as few lines and grooves as possible for the shower.

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