online appl dealers sell only to 150 mi radius

PekeJune 4, 2013

When did this start? Several online companies now ask for your zip code to see where you live. Evidently I live too far from some companies so i can't order from them. When did this start? Peke

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It started about 2 or 3 years ago

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As far as I can tell, The appliance companies have started this new 150 mile radius limit, and in fact, so far, I can only find such a restriction with Kitchen aid.

Here's the info:

"Apr 30, 2011 �" In a nod of support to appliance retailers who service what they sell, KitchenAid has set a 150-mile limit for sales of its branded appliances."

Since Kitchenaid is owned by Whirlpool, I would not be surprised at all to see it spread to Jenn-air and other Whirlpool owned companies.

I can not, (so far), find any other manufacturer with such restrictions.


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Our experience was that the website will sell it to you if you do your purchase over the phone rather than directly on the website. We got a Kitchenaid DW that way. We couldn't order it via the website cause we were beyond the 150-milie radius, so I just picked up the phone, and placed the order to a live person. I got an email confirming the order, and additional email updates prior to delivery. We also got a little bit more off the price than the price on the website, by saying "can you do a little better?". It was about $30 off of the website's price, but hey, every bit counts.

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much ado about nothing

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Several luxury brands have geographical limits

Bluestar and Gaggenau to name a few.

If you really really hate it buy a brand that does not do this.

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Well, I didn't say I hated it. I was just surprised. I have never looked for kitchen aid online before. I only have one more appliance to order. Thanks for the helpful info to call. Peke

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Sub Zero is notorious for this practice.

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alwaysfixin: Where did you buy your appliances?

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Baltomom - it was, which has since closed. Our transaction with them, for KA DW and GE Advantium, was flawless. Great communication, quick delivery, items delivered when promised. But I guess there were problems with the company we didn't know about.

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