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toblerJuly 6, 2012

We finally finished our untraditional master bathroom. I wanted water colors and I didn't want neutral. On Houzz.com i found out about a recycled surface called Chroma by 3form. We ordered, we waited months, we got the wrong color, GC had to sort out who was responsible for the mistake, we re-ordered, we waited, and we are finally done.

the counters are a translucent blue, the knobs are hand made glass from beachyrustica on etsy and the sinks are kohler sea salt.

the shower is all glass tile with glass shelves and a rain shower and hand held shower. the diverter knob is from hansgrohe and is wonderful. one piece controls temperature, water pressure and which shower head (or both at once).

the shower floor is pebbled

one of our favorite things is that the GC got us spice pull-outs in the tall corner cabinets. we keep all of our daily stuff in there such as electric toothbrushes, face wash, a radio to listen to NPR and we pull it out to wash and push it back when we are done. Our counters are always as uncluttered as in the first picture. we have lots of outlets in our cabinets. my hair dryer and flat iron are plugged in to the cabinet on the right of the makeup counter and we have a phone in the cabinet on the left.

I don't keep much in the shower. I have a bin in the bottom drawer of the sink cabinet with things I need such as shaving cream and special shampoo etc. i take the bin to the shower when I need it

the toilet is in it's own room with an opaque glass door.

the bathroom floor is dark bamboo which we used in the entire master suite.

I know this bath is different from most of the traditional ones that are posted here, but I hope it will give some people an idea of an alternative way to think about their bath.

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It's beautiful! I absolutely love the pull out cabinet; it's like having everything on the counter and then putting it away with one motion. And your shower tiles are fabulous! Great job!

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Neat!!! Such a different look. Love the blue!

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Wow. Very nice! I love it.

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What a fantastic shower!! Is the Hansgrohe diverter handle hiding in that photo, or is it off the screen?

Can you tell me where you got the great little shower chair? I like its size, and the fact it's not permanently attached to the wall.

I join you in loving organized bathroom cabinets. My last bath I used Ikea kitchen cabinets for the vanity, full of pullouts and many drawers with dividers. I enjoyed it every day!

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Love your bathroom. The counters are very pretty. The shower listello and field tiles are beautiful. I think that stool is great.

I wondered how you had those corner cabinets configured inside. What a great way of optimizing space. I am planning a similar pullout either by Rev A Shelf or made by a carpenter to fit into my existing upper built in cupboard. I am happy to see yours in action! I will be using mine as a medicine cabinet, so I will be having mine faced on the side next to the wall to prevent me from knocking small items overboard.

Thanks so much for sharing!

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Here is a picture of the hansgrohe diverter. The top lever controls the water pressure. If you move it to the left you get water out the hand held, if you move it right you get water out the rain shower. the bottom lever controls the temperature and the little button on the top of the lower lever allows you to get water from both sources at once.

here also is another picture of the inside of the cabinets and the pull out.

the drawer under the non-pull out side is the same size as the cabinet above. the drawer under the mirror and the pull-out is mostly fake although there is a skinny bit under the pull-out. it is currently empty.

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oh I forgot, the stool comes from Signature Hardware, online.

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Very pretty bathroom. Would love to see a picture of the flooring. Congrats for having the courage to do something a little different.

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Lovely! Very different. Can you tell me what is the name of the Kohler undermount sink you used? I'm assuming Sea Salt is the color and not the style? Thanks for your help.

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the sink is a kohler under mount iron/tones K2826 in sea salt. it has a slight sparkle to it. I am very happy with it.

the floor is bamboo. the contractor has told me that three people have asked him for it since I had it installed. (but no one has asked for my counter tops! i think this is one of those choices that someday when we sell the house, people will say, was she crazy to choose blue? but i love it, so it's okay.)
here is a picture of the floor in the hall. we replaced carpeting in the hall, MBR, closets, and the tile in the bathroom with this flooring.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Well done and very thoughtful. Love the blue.

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I love the glass tile and the cabinet knobs. Well, actually the whole bath!

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Love the pebble tile floor. Could you please give the info for this tile?

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Where did you get that teak shower bench, if you don't mind me asking?

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Nice job Tobler in pulling all those pretty colors together. I think I would feel I was at the beach in the shower with the water colors.

I was thinking of using glass quarter round shelves in our shower/tub combo remodel like you have. How are they working out for you? Does water puddle? Do you like the positioning of them? They look cool! Thank you. Oh, and if you know how they are secured I'd be interested to know too.

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I am very interested in your counters. Have been to their website and each counter seems different color from sample vs. actual application. Can you tell me a little more about this product? Feel, cost, maintenance?

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