Very simple Halloween table

maximavswifeNovember 2, 2010

It was just DH and I and I had had a busy day with yard work but I did find time to set a simple Halloween table. I bought the napkins and the sparkly spider web tablecloth on clearance at Kohl's last year. The napkin rings were a thrift store find and reminded me of snakes. The silver chargers came from Target dollar spot. The plates are paper and were clearance finds at HL last year. I purchased the Jack O' Lantern, boa, books and candlesticks when I went thrifting with Christmas Candy a few weeks ago. The candlesticks were originally white but I spray painted them with flat black with Halloween in mind. I notice CC and I found the same book and used in our decor :) Please pardon the quality of the photos. I took the pictures with my Iphone.


Here is a link that might be useful: Halloween table

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MM, did you do this before Halloween, or are you just still enjoying all your finds? Nice that you were able to use the treasures you found while shopping with CC. I love the title of that book "Son of a Witch"! LOL Hope your DH enjoyed your cute table too. Luvs

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Nope I did this Sunday for our Halloween dinner. I am still enjoying my deals found while shopping with the thrift store queen, CC. DH did enjoy the table as well as the special meal I prepared, roasted beast w/ fall veggies(roast beef)with bats brains (cauliflower)in a dijon cheese sauce and mashed ghost guts (potatoes) with vampire gravy (red wine gravy) :)

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Kath, I also love the title of that one book. LOL. And the boa on the Jack's head, makes him look like a Punk Rocker. (I find them scary too, LOL).
I cracked up over your menu wording, that would have sent my DH running for nearest fast food place.

Such fun, everything!
hugs, Karen

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Good for you, maxi...your Halloween table looks very inviting & the menu sounds wonderful! That web cloth is cool for Halloween...& your finds shopping with candy are fun! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Kath, great to see your new finds and I enjoyed seeing all your other tables too. You have so many pretty dishes that I couldn't resist browsing and enjoying. Thanks.


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Karen, DH is such a good sport :) He was actually helping to come up with names for the food :) I balked at anything he wanted to use the word "pus" in LOL!
Jeanne, I wish I could use that cloth for other 'scapes as it is really pretty IRL....hmmm...maybe I'll incorporate it into our anniversary tablescape?? LOL! And shopping w/ CC was such a thrill.
Ahh Punk, thanks for looking at my other tablescapes :) I don't have to explain to anyone here the dish obsession we each fall victim to :) I am super excited as I have found my dream dining table and will be going at lunch today to pick it up. We will eventually be turning our never used formal living room into a dedicated dining room. The future tablescaping I will be able to do kept me up most of the night!


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Kath....Cute tablesetting for your 'Halloween Meal.
I agree with Jeanne your web tablecloth is cool, and a great color. It's also different from what we've been seeing. Love the Book Title....very funny.
I peeked at your other photos too, and enjoyed your pretty settings. TFS


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Kath, what a fun table!!! The menu was great. The title of the book is cute, my DGD had it, the title is cute the story ---not so much.
I peeked at your other pictures also very,very nice.
Looking forward to seeing your next creation. Can't wait to see your new dining room table!

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