kitchen remodel- 36" fisher paykel dishdrawer

newkitchen13June 26, 2013

I fell in love with this dishwasher... Am i crazy? i read a lot of bad reviews on the dishdrawers, especially about the performance and service...
But it seems so practical and easy to load!
should i go with the double drawer 24" wide instead of the single drawer 36" wide?

Again, any input will be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks a million!

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The biggest quality problem seems to be with the double drawers.

If you do get the 36" single drawer then you are stuck with F & P as long as you have that kitchen. F & P was recently purchased by Chinese Haier. If you decide you hate the dishwasher or the company itself you are stuck with that opening in your cabinet run until you remodel again.

Instinctively it seems that drawers would be inherently more water and energy efficient. With modern electronics and sensors that it no longer an inherent design advantage.

In fact Bosch and Miele are more energy and water efficient plus you can take out that middle and/or top rack to wash some very large items.

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I'm looking at the double F& P drawers since its just my husband and myself this seems like the best way to go. They are offering until sept. a 3 yr warranty. Read on this site where a few people like thiers.

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The repair rate is very high, so I didn't go this route. That being said 75/100 will be fine vs 92/100 for Bosch and Miele.

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beachlily z9a

We had our first set of F&P dishdrawers for 6 years and replaced them with a new set when we updated our kitchen. Love those dishdrawers! We've had no repair problems and they are really convenient for the 2 of us.

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i went to see the actual 36" dishdrawer today in a showroom and it's quite huge! also i was stunned that it uses twice as much water than Miele.
Deeageaux, I must say that your comment was quite enlighting.
it seems that i would have a shortage of option with that size.
Thank you all for your input, i think i am going to go with a 24" dishwasher, probably MIELE, since they run around the same price.

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Looking at the dish drawers since its only DH and myself and I don't wash my pots and pans in the dishwasher.
Does anyone have this drawer system and likes it.I have a bad back and the reach into some DW is to low.

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My DD603 is within a month or two of 10 years old. No repairs on it, although a couple false alarms. As with any dishwasher, some consumers have large troubles with them, others are highly satisfied.

F&P's DishDrawer is not as new a product as people may assume. They've been on the market since 1997, with numerous design revisions and engineering improvements.

There may be a learning-curve, particularly on loading patterns.

They can be run on a COLD water connection. Every cycle heats the main wash and final rinse water to a specific target temperature (varies per cycle).

There is a *water* heater but NO *drying* heater. Drying uses residual heat from the final rinse along with rinse aid, and a fan to exhaust moisture. Rinse aid is not *required* but drying performance will suffer accordingly if it's not used.

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