Calling cat_mom or anyone with a wolf at range please!!

sue2012June 8, 2012

Would you recommend the wolf all gas to your friends?

I am not a huge baker but do bake once in a while. I bake European cookies around the holidays and once in a while some cakes.

I am huge on roasting and broiling. I would appreciate any input or experiences you are willing to share.

Thank you very much.

P.S. cat_mom I love your kitchen!!!

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Yes, I actually would! Despite issues we had with ours initially, I would still recommend it, and would seriously consider getting one again (would actually take ours with us if we ever move, given Wolf's plan to re-style the AG range!).

I don't bake as often as I used to, so haven't baked a lot in mine. I am a bit rusty in that area so would not be the best judge of its baking capabilities. But, I have only baked in gas all these years, and have found my range to do a good job so far. I have noticed that the left side of the range bakes faster than the right. Don't know if it's m range, or inherent to all Wolf AG ranges?

I do roast in mine a lot and it does a great job. Roast chickens come out wonderfully!!!

I can post more after, go to run!

Ps thank you for the compliment! We still love it, too, after 5 years!

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Have to add, I would probably check out other ranges if or when I am ever in the market for one, just to see what is out there at the time. That's just me though. Often it confirms that my first choice is still the best one, but I always like to know all of my options.

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Thanks cat. i am in a little panic right now as i have to purchase the range and it is a huge chunk of money. i need to just relax. Wolf is a great product as is their customer service.
i am certain their oven will bake my cakes and cookies just fine.
i have never had a gas oven but they have been around for years.
sorry i am just thinking out loud here.
it is reassuring to hear positive experiences.
thanks again.

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I don't have the Wolf AG but did switch from electric oven to AG DCS. I was concerned before I actually used it. It has been 4 years and I can say roasting is better in the gas (more moist) and I see no difference in baking. I admit I don't bake as much as some people but everything so far has been perfect.

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I have had my new 30 in. Wolf ag lp for a few months now. I had a df range before, and more entry level brand. I really notice the difference with all my cooking and baking. The gas oven really does a great job with roasting and the meat is much more moist then my old df. I have only baked cookies once, and they turned out great and even.

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