shower guard glass protection

ikea_gwJuly 18, 2013

We are getting ready to order glass door for the shower but not sure if Showerguard is worth it. The glass company also offers cardinal 10, enduroshield, clearshield but showerguard is what they recommend. It is $245 extra. The question is is the protection worth it.

We clean bathrooms every 2 weeks and we can probably make an effort to clean the glass after shower pretty often. Not every single time though since my husband is pretty forgetful. What is your experience with either treated or untreated glass shower? Thx.

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Put a squeegee in the shower and do it after every shower. It takes about 15 seconds and the glass stays pretty nice. We clean it with RainX (recommended by the glass place)--i think that's the name--sold in automotive stores--every so often. The part that gets icky is where the hardware is, where the glass meets the tile at the bottom, and the plastic guard on the door bottom---all tough to clean.

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Squeegee will only work for so long as will Rainx eventually you will end up with deposits in the pores of the glass. Showerguard is definitely the best of the lot.

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I ordered my shower door and paid the extra for the shower guard. I have been advised by a lot of people that it is worth the extra charge . You have to apply it before installation , you cannot add it later . Our door will be delayed 2 more days for that addition .

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Correct lillo, Showerguard is applied when the glass is manufactured and cannot be field applied. There are aftermarket products thats can be applied in the field or tempering process but they are not as good nor carry the same warranty.

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We are leaning toward getting the Showerguard. Saw our friend's 3 year old glass shower door and it is hard to clean soap scum off of it already.

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Our glass people told us that showerguard was unnecessary as long as it was squeegeed and I applied RainX once a month. After almost 2 years, the glass still looks brand new.

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auntie_ellen boston

We are redoing our kid's bath and our cleaning person asked if we were getting glass doors and said we must get the protected glass. He said once the residue is on/in the glass it is impossible to clean. We splurged on the treated glass for our frameless shower doors 10 years ago and they still are crystal clear. So not sure if we're doing glass yet but I trust my cleaning person and it will be protected if we do. He cleans way more bathrooms than I ever will.

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