kitchen remodel- 48" built in fridge

newkitchen13June 26, 2013

I am remodeling my kitchen and set my mind on professional appliances until i started to add up all i need...

Any comments on the expensive Viking 48" built in with dispenser? i want to make sure my money is well invested. I like that it can be installed completely flush and that all the door shelves are actually metal and not plastic. I am told that Viking now manufactures their own fridges whereas they used to be manufactured by Amana.

also any thoughts on a much different product KENMORE PRO 48" built in which is apparently being discontinued (manufactured by Samsung)... prices are very attractive....

any help will be greatly appreciated!!
Thank you!

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Viking is the last fridge I would consider.

Recently purchased by another company, Middleby, they have let a lot of senior management go and in general they are a company in flux. And their recent quality reflects it.

I considered the Kenmore Pro 48". On the day I finally decided to buy it I showed up at Sears Outlet only to find it was sold. I was not willing to pay full price. I haven not read any feedback outside of Sears own website about this model but Samsung in general gets good reviews.

If you want a more established brand of built-in 48" fridges I would look at KitchenAid. I still think Subzero is the best 48" fridge but about $2500 more than KA.

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I have had a KA 48 inch frig since 07. At the time it was only about $1000 less than the SZ but I liked the layout so much better. The fit and finish is less that what the SZ would be as I had an issue with the doors being uneven that they couldn't fix because the gaskets were manufactured at different sizes spending close to $20,000 in appliances, It is the ONLY kitchen appliance I put in that has worked flawlessly and has been trouble free and would possibly recommend.

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I had the KA 48" for 8.5 years before moving and it worked and looked perfectly over that time. The only issue I had was having to replace the ice maker early on but after that it was smooth sailing.

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