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chloenkittyJune 5, 2014

My husband and I have decided on the GE Cafe series for our new build. We will be getting the gas range, refrigerator and single wall oven. Everything was going smoothly until we looked for the microwave to go in the wall above the wall oven. I honestly don't want a double wall oven because even the single will only be used on holidays, so instead of a double wall oven, I want to put the microwave above it in the wall. All the cafe series appliances are very attractive, but I have to say, this microwave is downright ugly! I'm attaching the stock photo, and for some reason it does not look that bad in the picture, but believe me, it's ugly!! My husband, who usually does not have an opinion, even said so. I don't know what to do. Seems everytime we pick something,there is always a problem. Want marble counters, but they stain and scratch, want 8" plank hardwood but they cup, want white quartzite countertops, no one carries them anywhere near my home. Ugh! I do not want a microwave sitting on the countertop in our new home, I've even thought about just putting it in the pantry and plugging it in there! Would a single wall oven look ok on the wall? I know you can put them in islands as well, but my builder was against it and it does not look very nice. Do I have any other alternatives? Seems nothing goes easy.

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The microwave itself looks fine to me. Is it just the trim kit you don't like? If so I can't blame you, trim kits aren't the prettiest of things, although I think the GE one looks better than most because there are no visible vents. The integrated oven/microwave units usually look better, but they are not available in GE Cafe. Of course, those can be an issue because if one breaks and the other works fine, and parts are no longer available, you're screwed.

You still have 2 good options though. One is to set aside an alcove for any countertop microwave you want. I don't know the layout you're planning, and whether this is possible, but you could put it away from the wall oven, making matching less of an issue if you care about that. The advantages to this are that it's cheap, and if it breaks, no problem, go buy any plain old $100 microwave and you're good to go. The other option is to get a Sharp microwave drawer which would go under the counter.. More expensive but the people who buy them tend to like them a lot.

"Would a single wall oven look ok on the wall?" Tons of people who do not have the room, money or need for a double oven have this setup and it looks great.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sharp microwave drawers

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I love the look of a single wall oven.
Like you, I find the microwaves for most ovens to be ugly. I've spent about 8 months researching, and finally decided to go with the bosch benchmark wall oven and the new speed oven above. I like the look -- but the cost, not so much.

Here is a link that might be useful: bosch combo

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How do other GE lines like the profile or monogram look? Maybe you could mix them if the dimensions match.

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My microwave is below my single oven. 2 different brands. I don't like microwaves installed high. They are all ugly however. All.

And you are right. There is no easy, single decision in many areas. It's all a question of what's best, most function, and most aesthetically pleasing for you. And it can be crazy-making, for sure. Best of luck.

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How about a Sharp drawer below your oven?
A lot like that.
I have a Wolf oven with the GE advantium 240 over it.
The trim kit is close and most think they are the same brand.
I turn off one clock (still works in background) so no mismatch.
It is borderline high - perfect for me but anyone shorter would be unhappy.
I like that they are 2 different ovens, so if one fails - I am not out of luck.

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Chloenkitty, what did you decide? I, too am doing a single wall oven-GE Cafe. I use a mw to reheat coffee, mostly, so I am sticking one in the pantry where I'll be putting an outlet. It will simply give me more cabinet space and I think it looks fine. Have you looked on this site or houzz for photos of a single wall oven? I'll try to find some and post. FWIW, I think the mw in your photo looks better than some I've seen.

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