Thanksgiving Decos..#1 (pic heavy)

slinkeyNovember 14, 2011

I was feeling guilty about not putting out any Thanksgiving decorations this year.

After seeing your 'pretties'...I got (enabled) inspired to do mine. Unfortunately they will be put away soon, as I have to start with Christmas. We do an Annual Family Christmas with DH's family (Dec 3rd). It's really the only time we get to see one another, as everyone is spread out.

I changed my White Hutch around a little by adding a pilgim couple,some turkeys and cornucopia.

The Pilgrim couple was found at GW last Summer for $3.

They seem to be a nice quality and nicely painted.

Fam Rm Sofa Table..with 'The Famous' brown Tom Turkey - owned by Tam/Me/& Jeanne..and on the hunt for one - Karen/Punk and Dawnup !! lol

BTW....I bought mine several yrs ago on Ebay. I think I paid $12 for him.

Closer Look...(he's quite large). The Pilgrim woman is a wood carving from a Flea Mkt - about 15 yrs ago. Her foot was broken (as is price $4)- DH gave her a new foot and you'd never know it.

I bought this turkey at 'The Elephant's Trunk'...a large outdoor, weekly antique flea mkt. It's finished off nicely and she let me have him for $2!

The lacey leaf votive holder was from CTS...

Here's one picture of Tom - the 'Center of Attraction' a couple of yrs ago..(Jeanne don't know if you saw these one)..

Here he is at Thanksgiving - the first year I got him...

Hope you enjoyed looking...I have a few more pic to post on #2...


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Beautiful, jane! You have a busy time ahead wonderful to be able to all get tog & your home looks so warm & inviting for any 'homecoming.' (alot of work for you, I know).

Love your dishes & all the Fall accessories you've used in your white hutch. The turkeys & covered green pumpkin bowls & pottery fit so beautifully! Really pretty!

Your sofa table is lovely, too. & that big brown turkey...well, he's the 'star!' Mine is a lil' brother Tom! (middle brother, probably) as there is a smaller version, too. LOL! You've found some great $$$ bargains!

I love Tom Turkey in your centerpc pics... candlelight one, esp. TFS, to visit your home. Jeanne S.

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Marlene Kindred

Tom Turkey is one good lookin' turkey!! LOVE him! All of your decorations in your hutch and on your table are just lovely!

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I'm so glad you decorated with your Thanksgiving things, so we could see and enjoy all the PRETTIES!! I know you can't leave it up long, and it was a lot of work for you, but you can be sure we really appreciate it! Everything is just lovely, and I love the big turkey.

You still give me a bad case of Hutch Envy with your white AND black one tho. ;o)

Your annual family get-together sounds like fun.
hugs, Karen

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Slinkey, I've never seen your house before, it's gorgeous! I love the den/living room.

And I'll buy that old tray on the bottom shelf from you. :)

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Jane, #1 is as lovely as #2. You have so many neat turkeys! I really like your white hutch with all the colors you used. So many lovely things.

The Pilgrim couple was a great find. I'm ROTFLMBO that the other lady had a broken foot so DH gave her a new one! If I didn't know that your DH's great at woodworking I might wonder if someone else only has one foot now!teehee

Love Mr Brown and he does look Grand! You will crack up when you see my Mr Brown when I post my ts. I will keep hunting and try to console myself by believing 'Good Things Come To Those Who Wait'.haha

It must be almost overwhelming knowing you are decorating for fall and have so much company coming for a Christmas get together soon after TG. Hope you know we love seeing all of this so it's time well spent! Besides you have to much beautiful fall decor to not share. Do take care of yourself tho.


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Thanks ladies for the sweet comments.
I mentioned on my other post that I'm sorry I have to make this a quick reply. I'm doing things around here as fast as I can...some Tbscapes for Thanksgiving...and also putting away TG as soon as I'm done! (sound like self inflicted pain? )
I wish I had more time to enjoy everything. I know that after Dec 3rd..when the Family Party is over, I will be able to sit back and relax because it will all be finished.
Thanks for the comments on 'Mr Tom'...I guess there are more out there in different sizes just waiting on some nice home to live!! lol

Talk to you all again.


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