new i phone 5 s

vannieJanuary 11, 2014

we went to the Verizon place and they set us all up, or so we thought. Any app I want to use calls for a username and password, and then tells me mine are incorrect. I can get very few apps to open, and now the FB app has affected my I pad and now it's asking for username and password and then say somebody else is using that e mail. Yes, that would be me. I got to the point it took my fingerprint, but I can't open anything w/o those bits of info that they tell me are incorrect. Anybody have any experience with this/

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Why not direct your question to Verizon tech support?

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You need an Apple ID (email address and password) to download apps, music, etc. That can be different than your user ID and password for things like Facebook, Twitter, email, banking, etc.

You should be able to reset your, for example, Facebook password without effecting your Apple ID.

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We have spent so much time at the Verizon store, that when we walk in, they're all gonna duck and cover. I have my SIL's Netflix and can't get it to open on the phone--only on my Ipad. Same is true w/ Kindle. Daughter has put a lot of books on there for me and I can only open them on my I pad,. I have a Kindle, but those books are more expensive than what she's got on Kindle via the I pad.

I told the man in the Verizon store, that if he'd look around, he had no customers under the age of 60. And that was true. LOL

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I don't bother dealing with Verizon's in-store people for anything other than getting a new phone every 2 years. At least in my area, they're too often just space cadets with limited knowledge. There are a number of company stores near me and they all seem to have people of the same profile.

If you have unanswered questions, features that you don't understand or items that aren't functioning to your satisfaction, try calling the Verizon Wireless support number. Use a different phone than the one you're trying to get setup right, so that you can talk and make screen entries at the same time. I've always had satisfactory outcomes when dealing with over-the-phone support and customer service.

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