Enduring, how are you liking the woodharbor cabinets?

Kathy HarringtonJuly 3, 2014

Enduring, I hope you see this. Found an old thread on this site with your bathroom vanity and you mention you have Woodharbor for your kitchen. Which door and finish did you use and are you happy with your choice. I'm doing everything long distance and relying on pictures until I get on site. My KD sent pictures of sample doors of Rustic Pebble and coastal white latte and the photo doesn't look as nice as the brochures. Hoping it is just the camera photo and computer screen that is not doing it justice

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Hi there, where are you building? Who are you working with? If you don't want to name names thats ok :) Are you in central Iowa? I worked with the Woodharbor Shop in Urbandale, Iowa. The Woodharbor company is in Mason City, Iowa I believe.

I have been very happy with the cabinets. I got inset doors with a double bevel on the inside of the stiles and rails, and no bevel on the outside edges, just an eased edge. These inset doors with exterior hinges are not soft close. It is ok with me. I got this style because I was honoring the old kitchen that I tore out. I Love the Look.

The only minor issue is that one of my wall cabinets has a slight bow to the stile at the handle end. I hardly notice so I will not take it up with the company.

Another thing that I wished I would have considered was drawers on my lower cabinets. It was planned preGW, so I wasn't very aware of drawers. But the pullouts are a life saver!!! It just takes an extra step to get the door closed, waiting for the soft close pullout to retract.

They function very well. The hardware is great. I have had no problems. I believe there is a 100 year warranty on the construction of the cabinets. But I don't think there is much hope that any company, or this house, will be around that long. I can only hope.

As I remodel I like to think that my installations have the chance of lasting at least as long as 70 years - which was about as old as the original cabinets.

I will post a pic of my kitchen cabinets. I love mine. They are cherry with a honey stain and a coffee glaze. I don't know if they still have this glaze. It is not real dark. I just wanted a tiny tiny bit of stain to even things up in the cherry and a bit of a darkening at the routed areas to make it look more like the rest of the house, old, lol.

Except for the first picture, these are all current photos of 3 year old cabinets.

Brand new:

Three years old:

Inset and Crown:

3 years old, inset door detail:

Stile and rail detail routing, with coffee glaze:

Dovetailed wood drawers:

Base with pullouts:

My shelf that is shallow to cover the chimney that is behind it:

This is the door with the slightly warped stile. It might be that the bow is in all the doors but because they have a mate, it isn't visible. This door is wider than my other doors because the space was too narrow for double doors, which I would have preferred. At least the KD that I worked with said it was too narrow. It is my door that I don't like very well, maybe that is why it warped, lol.

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We have Woodharbor in our two bathrooms. For some reasons, it seems not many people on this site using this fine product, I would be happy to share our experience.

We first saw Woodharbor in a local kitchen design store, we were very impressed by the quality. By the time we were planning for bathroom remodel, that kitchen store was out of business.

We decided on frameless, maple slab panel style door. Luckily our contractor was able to order cabinets for us. There is no showroom to see the cabinet in person, we ordered sample wood blocks in all the finishes we were interested. We would have ordered a door sample if we did not pick such a plain, simple door style.

It turned out this was a good decision. Photos on the Woodharbor site cannot give real color/shade/tint of the wood finish. Having samples on hand, it is easy to tell if the color fits lighting in the room, as well if it matches the material of counter top and backsplash. We made last minute change of guest bathroom cabinet finish after we noticed the sample block of the original selected finish did not go with the granite vanity.

We use the regular line for master bathroom, and its value line "Breeze line" for guest bathroom. The enclosed photo is regular line in master bathroom which is about 6 months old. Both product lines have excellent finishes and construction. According to our contractor, the shipment and packages of the cabinets were well handled.

I think the regular line has thicker material on the door and drawers. Hardwares on both lines are great, we are very very happy with the products.

We will definitely use Woodharbor for our future kitchen remodel.

Here is a link that might be useful: Woodharbor site

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Those look fabulous Azmom! Glad you are happy too. The folks that run the Woodharbor kitchen and bath design shop in Urbandale are great people. Always want the customer happy. The son, Brett, is the one who made my custom vanity for my first remodel and he installed my cabinets on the second remodel. He had been working independently when he did my bathrooms, now he is full time with his parents at the kitchen and bath shop as a project manager. He is a gem. Brett installed the cabinets in the kitchen, that are in the above photos, with is dad. I only bring Brett and his custom work into the discussion because he is involved with his parents selling and installing Woodharbor. He believes in the quality.

Here is the vanity that Brett made for me along with some built ins. He is picky and an excellent carpenter:

Custom vanity:

Custom cabinets:

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The Woodharbor Custom Door and Cabinetry we purchased cabinets from is located in Mason City, Iowa. The address, phone number and company history are on their website. I forgot to mention that our cabinets come with soft close doors and drawers, all work very well.

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Yes Azmom, same place that mine came from. In my posts above I was referencing a Kitchen and Bath design shop in Des Moines metro area that carries this line for Woodharbor. They get to carry the Woodharbor name too. BTW, I have Woodharbor doors too : ) Very pretty.

Walnut 5 paneled Woodharbor door. It is installed as a pocket door. I am very happy with this product too:

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Kathy Harrington

Wow! Thanks guys. All of your cabinets are gorgeous, but I must confess I like the cabinets your son did the best! Nice workmanship. We are building in Durango co and using Erik at Fine wood interiors. He's been amazing to work with and we will be heading up there shortly to see the cabinets in person and finalize the order. I really appreciate both of you taking time to post responses and photos. With all the second guessing I'm doing, I find it comforting to find great reviews

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LOL harringk, not my son, but the son of the couple who run the kitchen and bath design shop that sell Woodharbor and also can carry the name. Brett does do fabulous work and thanks. As I noted in one of my post, Brett is picky with his work. He now is working with his parents and believes in Woodharbor product line.

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Kathy Harrington

LOL reading more closely, I see the distinction. Hopefully I have more attention to detail as I make these decisions than I do reading, but I doubt it:)

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Keep us posted, please : )

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You are making me so jealous! Love love your gorgeous walnut door.

Wish we knew Woodharbour prior to replacing 4 doors in our house. They definitely have beautiful doors.

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Thanks, Azmom. Those suckers weren't cheap. I have 2 of them in the bathroom. No where else in the house. I would love to buy 2 more for the bedrooms nearby, but not this year lol. My house's woodwork is not coordinated and would drive many crazy.

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