First Christmas decoration is up!

oakleyokNovember 15, 2010

...Only because my dh was like a little kid and wanted this tree decorated NOW. lol.

First, here's the "Decoration Station" I set up in the back of the living room yesterday morning. It's perfect for creating things and it's a nice place to paint the tips of my pinecones because I have a table protector on it.

I also got the sofa table and other tables cleared to make way for some decorations.

Here's my Kitchen tree. My kitchen is red and can't see it from the picture but I have a row of red diamond tile along the backsplash.

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Looks great, oakley! Red & white looks rich & beautiful! Nice to have a "spread-out" place...mine is the porch (which gets alot of decor) cause it's right off LR doors & the view to the backyard. Is this a new tree? I like the cupcake & candy ornies on it (for the kitchen)...need another pic so can see the tile, too. (please) TFS! Jeanne S.

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love your kitchen tree but be careful - they tend to grow - lol I started out with a 4ft white kitchen tree and it is now a 6ft white tree - mine started out all red and green type candy related ornaments - then I added icicles, snowflakes, ribbons - well you get the picture.

I really like the sprays of red all through yours - very pretty :) .....


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Love your kitchen tree It is so bright and cheerful.

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It's's red!!!

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Thanks everyone!

Jeanne, below is a picture of the kitchen but I have accessorized it differently now.

I'm Crafty Cathy today! It's a cold rainy day, and I made a large pot of stew and while it was simmering, I made this centerpiece for the coffee table. I'll set it on a white satin glittered table runner. My "theme" in the living room is supposed to be a Winter Wonderland. We'll see. lol.

This is a very large navy bowl, much larger than it appears in the picture.

Here's part of the kitchen:

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LOL! Love the paper towel holder. I have it in green. We could put the 2 together and have the perfect Christmas combo! So since someone else has officially starting decorating, I have to go catch up. I hope the decorating/holiday police don't catch us! Penalty is probably a lashing with wet tinsel.

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I LOVE a white kitchen - very nice and the red diamonds are a very nice accent - love the bowl. You have got me cleaning the back porch now and my hubby brought down the tree for there - it will be a woodland theme. I am so anxious to get started - between my bedroom and porch I will have two trees up before Thanksgiving thanks to Enablers-R-Us lol - LOVE THIS PLACE .....


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Your new kitchen is so darn pretty, Oakley! I love how you've added those red accent tiles to the backsplash. Such an elegantly pretty Christmas tree, too. The perfect tree for such a beautiful room!

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Every looks so nice I love the red and white tree. Your kitchen looks very pretty.


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Oak, your kitchen is beautiful. Those little red accent tiles add so much without being distracting. Beautiful counter top too! Your little red and white tree is really pretty and I bet it looks great in there. I also like the cernterpiece you created for the coffee table.

How nice to have a decoration station! Heck, I'd just love to be able to sit out a bunch of my decor to sort thru easily. But things like this don't work too well with cats. Or at least "some" cats. I have to open one bin at a time, not leave lids off if I'm not right there,
and the whole time I have a 4-footed audience very interested in it all. sigh.
Enjoy your peaceful place to create and have things 'out'.

hugs, Karen

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You sound so organized!

Love your kitchen. The red and wht tree is beautiful. Your large bowl all decorated looks great. Your pinecone in the center, looks good enought to eat. I settlee for a Snickers Bar! Did you paint the pinecone? Very pretty colors you used in this arrangement.

Looks like some fun crafting ahead in that first picture. I will be looking forward to more neat decorations from you.


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I like the color combination in your kitchen and your
tree is just perfect in there..cute and cheerful.
Now I'm getting inspired to do one for the kitchen too.
I love how you decorated that blue bowl.
It's nice to craft your own decorations for Christmas.
It brings a personal touch and nice memories too.
I always say...put a date - so you remember when you made them. (that's just me) lol


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You have a beautiful kitchen and the little tree is a perfect glittery accent to go with it.

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Cute, cute , cute! And your kitchen is beautiful. I'm a sucker for white cabinets. You are making me want to start my Christmas decorating now and I've go tons of Thanksgiving things to prepare. At least I can enjoy yours for now.

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Very cute tree, the cupcake and candy are perfect for it. Your tile backsplash is really neat, I like the raised design in it too. I've always loved white kitchens best.

Not thinking about putting up any Christmas until after Thanksgiving/Fall stuff is put away--but thanks to my little "enabler" buddy, Ms. Karen, I am thinking about some Christmas crafts! ;o) She emailed me a couple pics to get me motivated! LOL

I've got to finish taking some pics of my fall things and get them posted on here to share with all of you. Would you believe there are still lots of Fall things I'd like to make/paint??????


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Thanks everyone. Sorry I haven't replied sooner but our Internet was down for 24 hours.

Yes, I spray painted the pinecone, I bought about 10 giant one's online that I'm going to use.

Yesterday while the internet was down I found some old regular size pinecones and I bought a paint pen, and sat at the table painting just the tips of the pinecones white...whre it looks like fallen snow.

I love those paint pens!

Question. Do you all think I should add more ornaments to the bowl?

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oakley..thanks for fuller kitchn's beautiful!
I love what you did with that huge pinecone in the bowl...think it looks very the color combo...I think it looks great as is but you can always try adding a few more ornies & then decide. TFS! Jeanne S.

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Love the kitchen tree! Hmmmmm, I wonder if I've got room for one? Is that a grandson in the photo? He's adorable!

I have to admit I got some garland out today and wrapped the upper and lower stair railings and posts. I'll add the lights this evening or tomorrow. DH will be home soon and will probably take a dim view -- but I needed the decor up to take a Christmas card photo of my DS so that's my story and I'm stickin' with it!

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Folk, that's my gs Henry who's 2. I need to get started on my decorating this week or I'll never get it done. Believe it or not I'm a procrastinator and I haven't done anything this week other than the bowl and tree which was too easy.

Artic front comes in this week so it should be perfect to decorate with!

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Welcome to our crazy life here, folkvictorian. I hope you can share photos with us too. Your name intrigues me, I love victorian things!

hugs, Karen

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