Young GE fridge, endless repairs

bri0822June 11, 2012

I have a 22 month old GE side-by-side refrigerator. So far I have spent almost $1000 in repairing a unit that cost $1300 new (one sealed system repair, next a new compressor). I filed complaint with GE who basically said good luck after their one year warranty expired. No action is being taken on the complaint.

Does anyone know if these repairs would fall under any kind of appliance lemon law (I live in PA)? To me, these bills are nothing short of outrageous and make a clear statement on the quality of GE appliances. Thanks for letting me vent...

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Was it only a one year warranty on everything? Some brands have (or used to have) a 5-year warranty on the sealed system.

I doubt there's any lemon law once the warranty runs out. In hindsight you should have used the $1000 towards a new fridge. Sadly, GE doesn't have a great reputation for their fridges.

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Unfortunately yes, the one year warranty applied to the entire unit (sealed system included). GE profiles have a longer warranties, I believe.

I was on the fence about doing the second repair (compressor), but I decided to take my chances and go ahead with it. I'm going research new fridges and be prepared to buy once this thing breaks again.

Weismann - do you have any opinion on the more reliable fridge brand/models? I'm willing to spend the money for something that's worth it. Thanks.

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Well, from personal experience I'd recommend Whirlpool/KA. The KA in my kitchen has been going strong for nearly 10 years - no repairs needed. The Whirlpool that it replaced is still doing fine in my garage - it's 30 years old, but I can't guarantee that current ones will last that long :-)

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Lemon laws vary from state to state.

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Honestly, I did not believe this post when I first read it. No reflection on you, bri0822, but I figured you had been steered wrong by someone in the GE foodchain, but, sure enough, I checked the GE website and those SOBs actually DO NOT warrant their sealed system to last beyond one year. What is more, I found that Whirlpool, Kenmore, Frigidaire all are doing the same thing. Gone from the owners manuals are any mention of guarantees on sealed-system components beyond the one-year standard warranty. For this check, I went to the various websites, found the cheapest side-by-side listed, downloaded the operator's manuals, and read the warrantees.

This is positively outrageous, as clear an indication of corporate malfeasance and chicanery as I have ever seen. The very idea that an appliance manufacturer would expect an owner to buy a new compressor after 12-month's service transcends the bounds of irresponsibility; it's criminal. Period. The very idea that our government, or the government of Canada, would allow anyone to sell a refrigerator with such a larcenous warranty is grim testimony to the degree of debasement our consumer protection laws have been subjected.

Anyway, enough soapbox. I propose that you look at Samsung and LG for your replacement. Perhaps others here will have some more recommendations for your replacement search.

For reference:
Cheapest LG SXS: 1 Year on fridge, 7 years on sealed system.
Cheapest Samsung: 1 Year on fridge, 5 years on sealed system.

Though I am accustomed to 10-year sealed system warrantees, at least the above two Korean makers have managed to retain some sense of honesty.

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Mojavean, thanks for your post, you said it better than I could have. And to make things more insane, after filing a complaint with GE, I was told they would offer no reimbursement unless I had the unit serviced with a GE repair facility, and I would be responsible for labor costs. The fact that I had already scheduled repairs with local service that trusted I and was not GE authorized didn't seem to matter.

Thanks for your recommendations on the other brands. I will be prepared to buy another brand when this thing goes again, which I'm sure it will. Done with GE, for good.

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Checked KitchenAid site now. Their warranty (on one model I checked, presumably all are the same) covers parts AND LABOR on the sealed system for 5 years, then parts (no labor) for years six through ten.

Here is a link that might be useful: KA Refrigerator Warranty - Model KSRV22FVSS

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I have a ka French door and I love it. Yes the warranty is about what is stated above. I hoping to never have to use it. My KA replaced a 29 year old Feigidaire top mont still was going and running up my power bill until hauled away

Ka is about the best domestic warranty LG and Samsung are very nice too

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I'd suggest writing to the CEO of GE Appliances and outline your experience, both with the unit and the customer service. I'd also tell them it's the last GE product that will be in your home. I think it's really important for these folks to hear from real live people and their experiences. Will it change things for your unit - probably not, but you might feel better.

I had a truly horrible experience with Whirlpool - wrote the CEO and told them there would never be another one of their products (Jenn Air, Maytag, KitchenAid, Whirlpool) in the house again. Got a call from his assistant who asked lots of questions and actually wanted to understand the problem. They offered a repair, which I refused as I had already replaced the refrigerator with a Samsung - which we love

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After our current experience with a $2000 French door 3 year old fridge, I will never, ever, ever buy another GE product and am personally scared that they make many of the engines on the jets I fly for business travel often. I own their stock and will sell it. GE, once the price of American entrepreneurship would have Thomas Edison turning in his grave! Shame on them.

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