Beautiful But Ugly Shower Doors

enduringJuly 17, 2014

Help, I have a lovely set of shower doors in low iron Starphire glass. The manufacture of my doors is Agalite. The local company that uses this product came recommended by several others in the kitchen/bath design business.

First the glass came from the Agalite company miss matched, one regular glass and the other Starphire. I thought at first they were both regular glass, just 2 different colors. But it turned out that one door was indead Starphire. So got a replacement for the incorrect glass. Now it is installed and looks lovely until it steams up. I see 2 hand prints on the glass that appear to be baked into the glass. I also see a linear streak as if there was another straight edge placed on the glass, then finally there is a larger hazy smear down the center. The glass looks filthy when steamed up, yet those marks are almost invisible when the glass is dry. I called the company again to complain, they came out and were wounderful, but could not remove these imperfections. Then we noticed that the original door had a wrinkly cross hatch of marks when that door was steamed up. It looked like it was tempered into the glass, as if the glass had been laying on a wrinkled plastic bag.

These are pics after the door company cleaned the doors using a magic eraser as directed by Agalite. There was no improvement.

Haze streak on left and linear mark on the right:

Ghost hand, one of two:

I don't have a pic of the plastic bag look.

The regional manager will be my next visiter some time in the next month.

1) is this happening to others?
2) is this acceptable in the industry?
3) what have you done if you've had this problem?

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They need to replace the glass, poor quality control in the manufacturing process. I have seen and heard of it occasionally but not that much all in one one order. I would be leery of anything from that glass manufacturer after that. OR is there an aftermarket surface protectant being applied that may be the real issue?

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So glad you saw my post Millworkman :)

No after market product was applied. These doors are clean. I am super happy with the local guys, but can't believe the glass would look like this. I too thought that it was poor quality control and wanted to know which plant was responsible for these doors. I believe that there are several locations in the US.

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Since there is no surface protectant applied it was done in the glass manufacturing process. It will need to be replaced as it will not come out, or off anyway anyhow that I have seen or am aware of. And sorry you are going thru this enduring.

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Thanks so much Millworkman. I appreciate your input. Good news, my local shower door company called and left a message that the regional rep, said he doesn't to come to the house for a personal inspection. Instead, he will have 2 new doors made, to replace the 2 that I have. Now I need to contact the local company to ask what will change in the manufacturing of the doors to prevent the sloppy tempering job.

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Good luck with that, lol but that is good news the company is owning up to the issue. Seriously they just need to keep a closer eye on the process.

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Well the new doors came today and are just as bad or worse then the last set. Now I have 3 sets of hand prints when the shower is steamed up!!! And a square patch on the other panel!!! Along with the wrinkles described on the first post.

Milworkman, would you recommend Cardinal Glass? Or other other glass company?

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Oh my gosh. I was hoping this post meant you were able to get a successful resolution to the problem. I have no advice but I'm sorry this is happening again. You would think they would have tested it before bringing it to your house just to make sure it didn't happen again.

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Enduring, email me thru my link above please probably be easier to try and chat on the phone.

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Lottery, do you have Starphire glass doors? Do your doors show imperfections in the finish of the glass when steamy?

Millworkman, I sent you an email, thanks for the help!

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My Starfire glass shower (with Showerguard protection) was ordered through Cardinal. No handprints, smears, marks, etc. whether wet or dry. My only complaint is that they drilled the hole for the shower hook about 6" higher than I specified. It's a good thing my husband and I are tall people 'cause it's ridiculously high.

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Thanks for the info Jewel. That is helpful and supportive information.

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Babka NorCal 9b

I am SO sympathetic, Enduring. I hoe you can get this all straightened out eventually. That glass is simply unacceptable.


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Enduring, I do not have Starfire. The glass is perfect even when steamy. It's one of the few things that is 100% perfect in the new bathroom. Ours is still only 90% done but everything (sink, tub, toilet, shower) is functioning so we have been using it for two weeks now.

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To conclude this issue! My 4th set of doors has now been installed. No hand prints, no cross hatching, or other smeary issues when steamed up. I didn't take a photo of this set steamed up, but they were acceptable. Just looked like steamy glass :)

The local shower door company has been so helpful and supportive through out this installation. A BIG THANK YOU goes to them. The manufacturer proposed a solution for this last set. FREE, all around. My check is in the mail for the 50% down payment I made in May. I am happy with the new doors. They were checked by the manufacturer before they left the plant. The manufacturer paid for the hardware, the installation, and the glass. I am very happy with the out come.

Thank you millworkman for helping with the problem solving. And to all who gave your input on this issue. You're all so supportive and helpful.

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Looks good enduring, your very welcome and I am very happy they took good care of you and did the right thing.

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Millworkman, I am still jumping for joy that I got free Starphire shower doors :)))

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Enduring, as one in the middle of a bath remodel I have learned much from your posts! I am so happy that you have had a good outcome. Your bath is just to pretty for anything less than perfect.

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enduring-congratulations! It looks beautiful.

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Babka NorCal 9b

Wonderful news! So often people have problems and we don't ever hear how it all worked out in the end. And it is good to know that there are companies out there that still take pride in their work. Problems and mistakes are bound to happen, but how they deal with them is what counts. Beautiful, beautiful shower!


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Jterrilynn and Leela4 thanks for the complements. I enjoy this BR forum and the projects that everyone is doing :)

Babka, yes I love a conclusion too. I am very happy with the outcome.

Thanks for all your support not only to me but also to all posters on the forum. Its people like you guys that make this such a wonderful site!

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They're beautiful but FREE makes them even sweeter :) YAY!

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So glad this finally was resolved for you. The shower is gorgeous!

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