Pedestal won't fit under sink after installing wood floor

TNGardener19July 12, 2012

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We are installing wood floors over linoleum because it has asbestos underneath. We have a porcelain pedestal sink in a half-bath on which the pedestal exactly (and tightly) fits under the sink. The sink is attached to the wall but is too heavy for just the bracket it hangs on to hold it. The bracket used to hold a much lighter sink. My husband wants the wood installers to cut around the pedestal, but I think it would look terrible.

My questions are:

The floor installer said the 5/16" thickness of the floor should only make the sink not sit all the way down in the bracket but still be attached to the wall.The pedestal would still hold the weight. Does that sound reasonable?

How big a job would it be to move the bracket up 5/16" (not sure how thick the wood is). Could we just remove the bracket and put new bolts in the wall to hold the sink?

How much would a plumber charge to figure this out and do it? We can take out the sink, but would want an expert to put it back.


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If the brackets are precise in their configuration and can't be dickered with, then it'd probably be best to plug the existing holes in the wood blocking and drill new pilot holes in your desired location.

How big of a hole to drill and how large of a plug depends on the size of your screws that secure the bracket.

I drill out the old screw hole in the wood blocking with a wood bit, glue in a dowel plug of the same diameter, then drill a new pilot hole in the needed location.

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Some of those wall brackets have vertical slots instead of holes. If yours has the slots you may be able to loosen the screws and slide the bracket up, however if you do so, I would suggest you also drill another hole and set another screw to insure the bracket cannot slip down.

If your bracket does not have the slots you could consider drilling new holes in the bracket instead of plugging the existing holes.

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It sounds like there may be some room for adjustment or a relatively simple resetting of the screws. Thank you mongoct and lazypup. I'll hope for that.

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