Need advice on locker design please

threeapplesMay 28, 2012

We decided to have the range hood's venting system go through the wall behind the range hood, up by ceiling of mud hall and up to the roof. Because of that, the area where the top of our mud hall lockers were supposed to meet the ceiling has a soffit of drywall that covers this venting. So, the situation is that the part of the lockers that end at the wall with the soffit will not be able to go to the ceiling as we originally designed. Would it look awful if half the lockers went to the ceiling and half did not? I'm including a photo of the lockers we are trying to copy in case that helps.

traditional laundry room design by minneapolis architect Charlie Simmons - Charlie & Co. Design, Ltd.

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i should add that, unlike the photo, we don't have lockers on the short wall. we have an exterior door there.

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Is the soffit in a position where it could be paneled to match the lockers or that it could be hidden by the lockers?

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That is what I was thinking too. See how, in your inspiration picture, behind the ladder, there is a section that is different, but has some paneling. Could you do something like that in that upper portion?

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