Bosch 800 Plus Dishwasher Beeping

abm760June 5, 2013

I am considering the Bosch SHE7ER55UC dishwasher and am a bit concerned about beeping at the end of cycle. Some people complain about it and that they can't turn it off. The manual for the exposed control models in the 800 plus series state that only the top model can change the volume, while all the hidden front models can change the volume. If anybody out there has the SHE7ER55UC, can you check if you can change the volume.

This is what the manual online says:
Cycle Completion Signal (SHE9ER55UC only)
1 Open the door and press the [On/Off] button.
2 Hold down the âÂÂAâ button (see page 4) and press [Start] until the display indicates âÂÂH:00âÂÂ.
3 Release both buttons.
4 Press the âÂÂAâ button until the display shows âÂÂb:02âÂÂ.
5 Press the âÂÂCâ button to increase or decrease the tone âÂÂb:00â = OFF and âÂÂb:03â = LOUDEST
6 Press [Start] to save setting and close the door.

Thank you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to manual

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Pulled my manual. Ours is an SHV7ER53UC, I think? Says the same as you wrote. Frankly, we run ours at nit and after the very first night, it has never been an issue for us. Love the darn thing.

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Whit461, thank you.

Any other posters? How loud is the beep really? How long does it continue beeping for? Is it affected by the Auto Power Off setting?

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It's a medium loudness beep and most people just shut it off using the instruction in the Care & Use manual

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Except that the manual states that only the top model of the three, in the exposed control line, can change the volume.

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The top models you can change the volume but in all models you can shut off the beep completely.

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I have a 500 series and it was very easy to turn off the beep if you follow the instructions in the manual. Just follow those instructions you posted and you should be able silence the beep

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