Cost of teardown/removal

tycompsMay 15, 2008

I have a small cape on a double lot in Somerset County, NJ that I'm considering tearing down to enable me to build a new home on each lot. I would build a small one to live in and the other I would sell. I realize there's a lot to take into consideration but could anyone give me a ballpark figure for a tear down and removal of a 1500 sq ft cape? Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

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IÂm in a different part of the country than you, but that would run about $7,500 in the New Orleans area.

Here is a time lapse of an 1,800 sf tear down and rebuildÂ

Here is a link that might be useful: lademo

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It's possible you could give the house away, and let someone come and move it off your property at no cost to you at all. A friend of mine just moved a cute cottage off a lot in Louisanna. She benefited...she got a free house (for the cost of moving) and the lot owner got problem gone for no cost to him.

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We are in Oregon and are closing on property that has a 1800 sq ft house on it. We got a tear down quote of $10,000 or we can have the fire deparment burn the house (they actually do this for free because it is practice for them) and then for someone to haul away the debris from the burnt house was $5000.00.

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Doing one in Chicago burbs'...tearing down a small 1,000 sq ft house and detached garage.

Quotes have been around $6,000

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The biggest expense may be the trucking and landfill cost. It only takes a day or two to level and load a small home using heavy machinery.

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We purchased a farm that had an exsisting small farm house. Initially we thought about keeping the house and either renting or living in it while we built. However, the house would have required maintenance/upgrade cost and we elected not to put money into a house that we knew we would eventually tear down. I ended up giving the house away for the cost of someone moving it. I ensured that I had a contract with the gentlemen that moved the house, he had 50 days to move the house and clean up the remains. Ensure in the contract that you are not liable for any damages that occur during the movement of the house, for instance damge to power lines, etc. The move went great and both parties were satisfied but ensure you have a contract.

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