Whirlpool vs Samsung/LG fridge: Importance of local service?

niq77174June 6, 2012

Hi everyone, long time lurker, first-time poster here...

We're moving into a new house that won't have all of the appliances installed. We've been looking at refrigerators and have narrowed it down to three models:

* LG LFC257XX series (which is hard to find b/c the LFC25776 isn't in production anymore?) - $1800 if we can find it.

* Samsung RFG series -- $1850 for the floor model

* Whirlpool GX5 series -- $1650

CR rates them all about the same. The LG is the most energy efficient; we've had friends & family recommend mostly the Samsung but also a few for the LG, and the Whirlpool is the cheapest of the bunch but still solid. So each one has its plusses and minuses.

The sales rep I spoke to recommended the Whirlpool because it's the only one where the mfgr has real local support. For the others, in case of repair we'd dial the national 800 number, they'd contract out to someone local, we'd have to wait for parts, etc. I was impressed he was willing to recommend the cheapest model but I have no clue if he's selling me a bill of goods.

Does anyone have any recommendations on what to do? How important is the fact that the support options are better for Whirlpool? If your appliances don't have local manufacturer support, how has the experience been when you've needed repairs?

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Something to be said for availability of local service/support. Of course more-common brands are always better that way.

However, also something to be said for having what you want. Historically, refs are one of the least troublesome of all the household machines. Usually, they just sit there and run for a decade or more with no issues at all.

I'd get what you want and accept the risk. I'm sure others have different views.

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Might be worth looking more into the service issue. Maybe ask at the place that would sell you a Samsung (or LG) model. Who is the "someone local" the national 800 numbers actually contract out to? What's their reputation, locally? Are these people you want working on your fridge, if need be?

Its comforting to know this stuff in advance, whether it affects your buying decision or not.

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We bought an LG CD fridge when we arrived in New Mexico last year. When it seemed to be running a little high in temperature, we called the LG customer service (an 800 number), and they sent out a local repairman without delay. He came a day after we called, checked it out and told us everything was fine. As it's a high efficiency fridge, it adjusts slowly to changes in set temperature but it gets there in the end.

I'm sorry I can't recall the model number, but it was highly rated by AJ Madison, and it's been perfect in the 6 months we've owned it. I think list was a little over $2000.

We also bought LG washer/dryer from local Home Depot. We have an 800 customer service number for these too, and were told they have local service support. As nothing has malfunctioned, we haven't had to call so I don't know how good the service is.

So far, based on our experience, I would not hesitate to recommend either product. If the appliances are well made, perhaps you won't need a lot of service?


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I said previously......"Usually, they just sit there and run for a decade or more with no issues at all."

Must add.....with the exception of the ice-maker if the unit has one. Ice makers in all brands have been inherently troublesome. I have two Whirlpool Gold refs with ice-makers. Replaced IM one time in the eight-year old unit; twice in the 15-year-old unit. Of the three, one broke some gear teeth, two others snapped a shaft. About $180.00 each DIY. Such a common occurrence that the local parts store always has replacement units in-stock.

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