Cleaning the air intakes to a Whirlpool water heater.

albert_135June 25, 2010

Many persons have the problem with my Whirlpool water heater mentioned in an earlier thread. To proceed further with diagnosis I be a need to clean the air intakes for the pilot light and burner.

As silly as it sounds, I cannot find the air intake to my pilot light and burner.

Can someone explain, or do you have a link to a manual or forum that shows where the air intake is and how best to clean it.

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Not sure I understand your question. Gas water-heaters' burner and pilot are positioned in an open-air configuration. There is no "air intake" per se other than to make sure the unit is in a free-air environment. For example, many installations are in closets - but those closets have vents in their walls or doors so air can move freely and the burner/pilot can get all they need.

Have I misunderstood your problem?

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Some Whirlpool water heaters had a filter in the bottom.

They were all [supposed to have been] recalled.

Mine was not that model, hence I could not find the intake.

Whirlpool did volunteer, quite eagerly, to send me some free replacement parts for mine even though we don't know if that will fix it or not.

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