where to buy reasonable priced vanities?

lajoannaJuly 12, 2013

Please recommend. I have three bathrooms to remodel. Thank you GW in advance.

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What do you consider a reasonable price?

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Agree. What are you looking to spend, what style do you want? What construction do you want? Ikea has some pretty cheap vanities. Lowes had some very inexpensive ones as well.

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I agree look at Ikea., HomeDepot and Lowes. Keep watching on eBay and Craig's list, I was able to get a display model this way. Depending on how much you are planning on spending you might find one on the website madeinamericavanities.com. I hope you are able to find what you want.

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But watch the low end stuff at Lowes. My dh and I went in there to look at vanities, especially their low/mid priced stuff. All of their display models were shoddily put together - crooked drawers, staples showing on the ends, doors that hung off kilter. A lot of particle board, which I think could be problematic in a bathroom (potentially wet environment). Granted, those were *display* units; maybe the ones still in boxes were assembled with some care. But I'd be very cautious. And no matter what, the boxed units would still have all that particle board.

After that experience we gave up entirely on the big box stores for vanities - we felt like we'd get junk from them in the low/mid price range. If you want rustic - which you probably don't - I can tell you where to go for *that*!

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Most kitchen cabinet companies also make vanities. I've sold everything from a $350 Aristokraft one to a 6K Omega one. There's room for whatever someone might consider "reasonably priced" in just about any showroom. Just tell the designer your budget up front and they can guide you to something that will fit that.

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Thank you! I was thinking in the $1500-$2500 range. I do not want the Lowe'r Home Depot off the shelf. I want something good quality that will last and i won't regret. You buy cheap you buy twice. I do have a MasterBath vanity from HD that is great. I was thinking of doing that again. I have three bathrooms to renovate!

I live in Los Angeles too so any store options are helpful!

This was one i was going to get too.

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I got vanities from Kraftmaid since I needed custom sizing, might be an option. I didn't care for the master bath from hd. I found some decent ones on overstock, amazon and wayfair. But buying unseen is not something I wanted to do. Lowes in our area had by far the best selection.

What sizes/ style are you looking for? Is your budget for all 3 vanities and vanity tops?

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In that price range I'd recommend Bertch. Nice quality, good selection of styles. You can find a dealer near you on the Bertch web site.

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There are lots of great website. ebay.com, www.luxurybathvanity.com, overstock.com, there are a lot of great deals on craigslist in the Los Angeles area. Modern Bathroom in nice, but i don't like the people, not very friendly. Many choices!

Here is a link that might be useful: LuxuryBathVanity

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