Pumpkin Table...

slinkeyNovember 21, 2010

Hi All..this was a table I put together last week, and hadn't been able to post until now.

It seems Photo Bucket made some changes - I

don't know if anyone else other than Luvs and I, had problems downloading pictures.

Luvs I hope you got it resolved.

Well, it took lots of patience and I was ready to give up..

but after half hr of downloading they finally went thru.

Table below;

I bought the large, white pumpkin tureen last week at an Estate Sale $5, *(tag still on the bottom from Marshalls $12.99)...which inspired the theme for this table.

The tablecloth is a remnant piece of fabric, which has some nice weight and texture to it - $6.

The Amber Stems were from a local Thrift Shp - at the end of the Summer.

I had my eye on them for weeks and thought I'd better get them before they became a 'wanted item' for Fall.

I used 'the famous' CTS pumpkin bowls from last yr.

The small white leaf dishes ...the Brn Leaf Plates - The Clear Stems...are ALL CTS.

I elevated the Glass Hurricanes on glass candleholders for extra height.

The cute Turkey Napkins - which are really hand towls - I bought last wk from CTS for $.49 ea. They have such cute details on them (see the little buttons)..I bought several styles for Christmas too all marked down at $.49 The flatware was purchased last yr from TJMax.

Close up of the Tureen..

The large candle was a gift that I actually had DH 'saw' in half...it was very tall, and I was able to make two from the one. It has the most wonderful scent of orange/cinammon spice...I made the little berry wreath for it and placed it on the white cake plate (Southern Living).

The little pheasant S&Ps - were white and I sprayed them - with a copper - metalic finish.

Hope you enjoyed looking...


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Oh gosh, jane...this is a lovely vision you've shared this morning. I am sorry PB is giving you problems...that is a way long time to DLoad!

Well, first of all, your linens are so warm & inviting...t'cloth remant & those cute little turkey towels are perfect. What a find on that white pumpkin tureen...it has that "hammered" texture like the Hampton flatware I used in my winter t'scape (that I can't find more of to add to the 2-pc setting)...anyway, the tureen is striking as a centerpc...along with the faux leaves & berries & unusual (sawed-in-half) apple slice candle (kudos to DH)! How you use candlelight is always so appealing...I like these glass hurricanes & how you've heightened them on the table.

The color combos, patterns & the textures of your dishes blend so harmoniously tog...I just really enjoy the whole t'scape!...I can smell the hot cider! TFS! Jeanne S.

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So warm and inviting Jane, love the fabric you found for the tblcover. Good thinking on your part to have DH cut the candle in half now you can use it in more than one place and enjoy that nice smell. Really like the shape of the CTS glasses and those leaf plates and "napkins" are really nice too. Yes, I agree with Jeanne, your use of candlelight is always so nice and inviting.



Told my son about my PB/Flashplayer problems and he's coming over today and will see what he can do. I'll show him Jim's post and the email I got from PB. They answered me really fast, got a reply the same day I contacted them. I love Photobucket, just hate having to figure out things each time they make changes! ;o( Glad you hung in there and got your pretty table posted for us. ;o)

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Love those creamy white pumpkins, and the flatware. The tablecloth is perfect. I want to see that hutch I spy in the background! That,too, looks interesting!

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Jane - your table is just delightful - I really like the soup tureen - I keep looking for one and am hoping someday to have that lucky find. Everything you have on the table really compliments each other - nice job TFS .....


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I looove the white pumpkin and the harvest accents fit fabulously.

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Thanks everyone for such nice compliments.

Jeanne..glad you liked it all. I know the hammered flatware you mean...I've seen it on both Overstock and Ebay-service for 4...I don't know if the pricing is good tho.
Hope this helps and you can find more to add to what you have.

Luvs...I'm hoping your son can resolve the problem for you with Jim's suggestions. Please let me know what happens.
DH has a problem with downloading videos and netflix because of incompatibility..I'm clueless and so is he as to what to do. I'm glad PB got in touch with you quickly..that's a nice surprise.

lynne...I'm sure there's a white pumpkin 'out there' for you. I've been wanting one for awhile too, but no luck until I found this one, when 'I wasn't looking'! lol

mm...glad you liked it all...

ladypat.. Kathleen and I and others here have been lucky to shop at Christmas Tree Shops where we found those pumpkin bowls. Whenever we use them, they are 'show stoppers'!
The hutch was purchased last yr - unfinshed. DH and I painted and antiqued it. I posted a pic below of it.

Thanks again everyone..


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What a beautiful table!! I really love your candles, and the way you did your hurricanes is especially great. Your pumpkin tureen was one heck of a find! WOW. Congratulations on it.

You can just wrap up the whole thing, with that tablecloth,
and send to me. LOL.
hugs, Karen

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Jane, love your table those pumpkin bowls are really pretty. I remember reading about them last year.


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Hope you're feeling MUCH better. I LOVE those autumn colors and the white really punches them up. And of course the plaid tablecloth, and the "coppery" pheasant (aren't they quail or grouse, though?) S&P's--what an interesting idea. They look perfect.

I really like the leaf plates under your pumpkins. I bought some orange pumpkins last year and wanted to put some "cabbage" plates under them, but I can only find them at $10 plus! Too much for my budget. I'll have to look for some leaves--that never occurred to me but they look great!

- Magpie

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I love that pumpkin table. that reminds me I have a set of white and a set of cream leaf plates somewhere. I have to dig them out. I can see I am going to have to get organized if I am going to start decorating more for the different holidays!

I just love the colors on your table especially the table cloth. what a great ideas to cut that candle in half!

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jane...that Hampton hammered is a diff pattern on Overstock.... Hampton Forge Paris Hammered 20-piece Flatware Set. The handles are much wider & curve in that set. Mine is a 2-place setting I got at Bed, Bath & B on clearance & has been discont (Hampton Oslo hammered flatware):

But thanks for lookin' for me. Jeanne
Oh, I forgot to add I like how you copper painted the S&P shakers, too...so sweet on that little plate tray.

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Thank you Karen, santacltr2, magpie and boopadaboo
I enjoyed reading your comments.

Karen...I'm cracking up thinking about you just receiving that big box from Punk...and how funny it would be to receive my tablecloth with everything wrapped inside it!! lol

Magpie..thanks...I'm doing much better..It's hard with young kids around, you tend to catch whatever they have but worse!
You're right....forgive my 'brain fog' attack again... the little S&Ps are quail. I've been having Pheasants on my mind with all this decorating...I didn't pick up on my calling them that. I know the cabbage plates you are looking for and they can be pricey, but they do pop up every now and then on clearance in Marshalls or TJM.
The brn leaf plates I put under the pumpkins were only $1.99 ea so they didn't break the bank.

santacltr2 ...Yes, last year several of us used the pumpkin bowls in our settings. Kathleen was the first to own them..then anyone who was able to shop at CTS ran to get them...me included.

boopadaboo..glad you liked the tablecloth..I try to keep my eye out for nice pieces remnant fabric for tablecloths...it's so much cheaper.
As for remembering your leaf plates, I've had that happen to me after seeing something on someone's table and then remembering I had something similiar 'tucked away'. You're right being organized helps to know just what we have! lol

jeanne...I see what you mean with the difference in the two patterns. I do know that if you check Replacements...they have what you're looking for. Probably more than what you spent for them...but hey, If you've been a good girl...write your 'Letter To Santa'...maybe he can help with an extra piece or two!! lol


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Lovely table! What is CTS?

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Jane, you put together the most wonderful tables. I love the choice on your cloth for this. So happy you found your tureen and it looks great with the wht pumpkin bowls and plates on this table.

Smart thinking to lift up your hurricanes with candle holders that will hold them. I tried that once and broke the bottom on one of mine. ouch! Back down on the table they went.

You had DH saw a candle in half.hummmm Your such a clever one and it looks great. Can't picture it being twice as tall. Another good choice.

What are your little s & p shakers made out of? They look wonderful now and blend so well with the dark leaf plates. Oh, those little turkey towels are to cute and you have Christmas ones too. I remember you and Kathleen talking about them. Great price.

Karen, if you get this table setting I will be in line and ask for the next one for sure!!! This is one way to end up with a beautiful table, hands down!!!

I'm still loving my Givng Plate, Jane. Thanks again for this beautiful gift. You are such a sweetheart. Makes me want to figure out how to reset my table for TG and take it off the counter and place it back in the center.


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thank you franksmom and Welcome.
CTS - Christmas Tree Shop.
Owned now by BB&BY..they used to be only in Cape Cod..but slowly started moving to lower New England until BB&BY bought them out a few yrs ago. Now they are spreading all over.
They have many great items at great prices - not just Christmas items.
Check out the flyer below to get an idea and to see if there's one near you.


Here is a link that might be useful: CTS

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Jane, even if you bagged it and sent it, I STILL couldn't make a beautiful table setting like that. You'd have to come along and do it too. LOL.

Boop, shopping your own house for 'other holiday' stuff is fun and interesting. You'll be looking at all sorts of things in a new way! The nice thing about taking photos (besides sharing with us I mean, LOL) is that you have a visual record of your things! Personally I need that, I tend to forget what I have or what I've gotten during off seasons. Be careful, you will be hooked and reeled in on decorating for EVERYTHING if you hang out here. I use to do only Christmas and now I don't miss a holiday. (but when I pack up Christmas stuff, I keep forgetting to leave some red separate to use for Valentines, Memorial Day, July 4th.) And green for St Paddy's! Ornaments work for a lot of holidays, not just Christmas! Think outside the box!
And during summer, the slow time here, we find holidays.
Check out our tablesetting albums (which somehow ended up on my personal front page instead of in the Inspiration ones. We've celebrated Billy the Kid's birthday, Teddy Bear Picnic Day, Pig Day, you name it. Yes these are actual listed "holidays". LOL.
Anyway, here's the link to our table albums. There are 4 sub-albums, listed to the rgt on the opening page. One for
Christmas, for Fall, for Halloween, for Spring 'n Summer.
The main album has everything else.
I never played with dishes till I met this group. Suddenly I was out buying stuff to do so.
Things sure are contagious on this Forum!!

hugs, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: our tablesetting albums

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Oh, Jane. It's wonderful - really, really wonderful. I especially like the tablecloth and the Amber stemware. Your dinner plates pick up one of the stripes in the tablecloth. Is it that close a match in real life?

That soup tureen is quite unique. It has such a neat texture to it. And I like that it's squatty.

Well, you're maintaining your usual high standards, that's for sure.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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Thanks Punk for your sweet compliments and I'm so glad you're enjoying your plate...it truly is 'you'!

Karen you're a sly one...lol...with creative talent to put together a lovely table vignette... - I've seen you do it Karen.. so don't play - sly like a fox!!
Karen...I coaxed you before...I'll do it again..you have SO MANY lovely things.. uh I remember you bought those Acorn Bowls..where are they? Put ONE on one of your lovely plates, with one of your pretty napkins and I seem to remember you bought a lovely placemat way back, and a pretty glass and Voila... Done!

Punk & I are waiting!! No pressure..
You have become a 'Holiday Decorating Queen' tho...hehehe


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OA I guess we were writing at the same time, so I missed responding to your post.
Thanks for the nice compliments.
Yes, the color in the plate is identical to the stripe in the tablecloth. My pictures really don't do justice to all the colors on this table.
I'm still figuring out proper camera settings.
I like the 'squat and textured' look to the pumpkin too. I think it's different from what you usually see.
Thanks again...and Happy Thanksgiving To You and Your Family.


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That's a beautiful table, Jane. Everything is arranged perfectly. With each photo, my eye is drawn to the fruited candle, the white tureen, the hurricaned candles, and all around the table. It's just perfect.

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Jane, Your table is lovely. The colors compliment each other beautifully. Everyone has said what I would have. You and your husband did a wonderful job with the hutch. The pieces in it compliment your tablesetting perfectly.
I forgot to say those napkins are adorable.

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Just what everyone said, a beautiful job indeed. The little quail look great, I love spray paint. The turkey towels are precious too. I buy most of my tablecloths from the fabric store too. I have raved on and on about those white pumpkins, but they are really cream aren't they. I'm trying to put my TG table together using white, only to find most fall things are really cream. Thanks for the pix.

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Everything in BEAUTIFUL...............hmmm that sounds familiar to me.............
It really is a lovely table!
I use red/brown tablecloths for Thanksgiving too...I'm glad to see that I am right in style!
Thanks for showing these pictures to us...the hutch looks wonderful too!

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It is beautiful, Jane! I love those pumpkins!
All the layering looks wonderful! You did a beautiful job!

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Thank you PM - NanaK - Frou - and Jay...
I'm happy you enjoyed looking.

PM..you made me go back to look at the table and 'see it' as you did...thanks for this 'vision'.

nanaK..those napkins are even cuter in person..there's nice detailing on them and the price was a 'steal'!

frou..Most timess I find it hard to buy a 'real' tablecloth after finding such great deals on remnant fabric. Unless you spend a forturne, most times the quality of the tablecloth fabric is so cheap. You're right with the color of the pumpkin bowls..they are 'cream' and lots of the Thanksgiving things do have that color. I have seen a mix of white and cream used together and I think it looks lovely. Please show us when your table is done. I'd love to see it.

Jay..missed seeing you here. So when did you 'go out of style'?... NOT
Glad you liked the hutch.


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My Favorite 'Inspirer'... Thank you!


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You know, I think that the CTS is crazy not to hire you to design their advertising layouts and decorative pieces for them, Jane. I'm always blown away by the beautiful, tasteful tablescapes that you create using some of their things. Love your newest table! That white pumpkin tureen is stunning and the combination of dishes, so pretty. I really like your tablecloth fabric. It sets such a wonderful, Autumny mood! Can I plead for a few more pics of your beautiful dining room while it's still decorated for Autumn? It's my all-time favorite dining room and I always enjoy seeing how you decorate it.

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Hi Lynne..
It's good to see you back with us again...
You've been missed.
Thanks for your lovely compliments.
I know you always mention my DR and coming from you, with such a beautiful home of your own, I'm very flattered.
Alas, my Autumn decos have just come down..and I'm getting ready for the 'Big One' lol !
I'll will definitely take pics for you when I finish the Christmas decos, and thanks for asking.


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So very pretty! And I'm in love with plaids all of a sudden so I'm drooling over that tablecloth.

This place makes me want to buy dishes!!! :)

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