what length shower arm??

christine40July 26, 2013

I never thought I'd question this, but there are many choices! Planning a neoangle shower that is 54inches long. I am going to do just a regular shower head (Grohe Euphoria)--it is 7.5inches in diameter.

Do I want a standard 6inch arm or will that not put water into the center of the shower? Or do I want a longer std arm, or a 90degree rain head arm than angle the shower head??

thanks in advance for any information!

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My shower is 4ft x 4 ft and I installed a 15" arm for a 9" rain shower head . I haven't tried it yet , but it looks nice to have it at that distance from the wall . The other thing is if you have a rain shower head you need the water to pour vertically on you, not with an angle . you won't be able to do with a 6" arm unless you stand glued to the shower wall . I'll post you a picture of mine .

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