Help- GE monogram refrig / oven owners

cookingbuffJune 6, 2013

I finally thought I had decided on my appliances--elux oven and refrig. I live on eastern Long Island and I just returned from the appliance store. The salesman told me that the Elux repair service is terrible where I live and should look at samsung and GE. I am getting the advantium so now I am thinking about putting the GE wall oven below the advantium. The refrig is right next the the oven, so thinking of GE mongram counter depth french door or samsung. Anyone have experience with the GE Monogram refrig or oven?Any opinions would be apppreciated! Thanks so much.

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I only spent a couple minutes googling Electrolux Service Long Island, and I found 15, (within 35 miles), without trying real hard.

It is hard to believe that all 15 of these have poor service.
I would check them out yourself.

Either the store does not carry Electrolux, or the Saleman is getting a better commission on the GE Appliances.

If you check reviews here, you will find that the Elux ovens are more consistently positive rated, for performance, features as well as reliability, than are the GE's.

Several post here in Garden Web about uneven heating in GE Ovens, and in fact a new post about the oven in a GE Induction range with uneven heating, wrong temperatures, etc.

You can spend your money and take your chances and follow the salemans's advice, or put your Money on a "Safer Horse", The Electrolux. I've had my Elux Icon oven 7 years now.

Sorry I can't tell you about Elux service here in Southern Calif as NONE of my Electrolux appliances, (Oven, Speed Oven, Wine Fridge, and Induction cook top) have ever needed service
except for a loose screw for the handle on the speed oven.


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I would still take the Elux oven and Samsung Fridge.

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While we love our GE Monogram DF range, I don't think we would go with a GE Fridge yet. Wall ovens? Elux are great, but so are Wolf, GE, others. Ask JWVIDEO.

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Our Monogram double oven has been repaired more than 30x in 5 years. We eventually paid to replace it (at a slightly reduced cost) thinking we just had a lemon and the new one had the exact same issue. We are currently
In the midst of a buy back scenario with GE, but they are only giving us back half of what we paid for both ovens.

Our Advantium, also Monogram, needed several repairs as well (turntable motor failed twice, light module--not bulb--once) Not as extensive, by any stretch, as the double oven, but still annoying.

We also have a Monogram built-in wine fridge that, knock wood, has so far been trouble free.

GE does have their own services--a rarity today-- and the people I've dealt with in service have been very good, though I certainly wish I hadn't gotten to
know them so well! As nice as they are, the fact they've come to
know me by name--FIRST name--is not something you strive for when buying expensive appliances.

I'd certainly reccomend an extended warranty. Never really believed in them, as I'd only had two or three service calls in my life before buying the most expensive appliances ever, but after problem after problem, I'm sold.

Rhome410 and another forum member I know of also had less than stellar experiences with Monogram ovens, so you might want to do a search. (Rhine also detailed her oven saga on her blog.)

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Whit wrote:
>>>"While we love our GE Monogram DF range, I don't think we would go with a GE Fridge yet. Wall ovens? Elux are great, but so are Wolf, GE, others. Ask JWVIDEO."Sorry, but I can't be of help here as I don't know much of anything about wall ovens or built-in fridges in which the OP is interested. My kitchen is too small to accomodate them, so I never researched the subjects.

The Consumer Reports reliability survey data is not much help here, either. They do not currently have data on long term reliablity of built-in fridges. For wall ovens, the survey data showed some small differences in reliability rates between major brands of wall ovens. CR said that the differences were too small to be meaningful. Also, CR didn't have sufficient data to report on reliability rates for Electrolux, Jenn Aire or the "boutique" brands like Wolfe, Gaggenau, etc.

applnut wrote:
>>>"GE does have their own services--a rarity today--"So, with Monogram appliances you still get actual GE service? I ask because GE signed a deal last year to outsource at least some warranty service to A&E, the Sears subsidiary which has a pretty dismal reputation here.

Gary wrote:
>>>"I only spent a couple minutes googling Electrolux Service Long Island, and I found 15, (within 35 miles), without trying real hard. It is hard to believe that all 15 of these have poor service.* * * check them out yourself."I agree with Gary on checking them out but you might find they are not the ones doing the warranty service. A lot of it seems to outsourced to low-bid contractors like A&E whom the manufacturer insists you use.

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applnut wrote:
>>>"GE does have their own service--a rarity today--"So, with Monogram appliances you still get actual GE service? I ask because GE signed a deal last year to outsource at least some warranty service to A&E, the Sears subsidiary which has a pretty dismal reputation here.


Yes, in my experience, here in the midwest at least, we always received GE factory service. GE uniforms. GE-badged service van. And, frankly, the same three GE repairman for all of our many, MANY service calls for our Monogram appliances. This included service through our extended warranty, as well in-warranty repairs. I didn't have non-Monogram GE appliances, so I can't really say if that applies for the other lines and, yes, depending on where you live and what's available, your mileage may vary. But that was my experience.

GE the company/product line, I have some issues with. The service people they sent out? Not a one. Hard working. Diligent. Patient. Friendly. Kind. They always went above and beyond to try and get my oven working right. Including often being at my house well beyond normal business hours trying to find a fix that would get it up and running for an important meal/holiday/etc. And even coming up with their own solutions when nothing in the manual or their past experience worked. And, by the way, these guys had all been working for GE, and working on appliances, for 15+ years. I never doubted a one of them knew what they were doing.

Again, this is all a rarity, as the service people I've had out for every other appliance that's needed it have ranged from great to terrifying. I've had people come to my door--sent by the extended warranty dealer--that literally looked homeless. No teeth. Looking, and smelling, like they hadn't bathed in weeks, if not months. Matted hair. People that, had I had the option, I probably would have gone out of my way to avoid and definitely didn't feel comfortable welcoming into my home while I was all alone. More often, there were those that were nice enough, but I knew more about the appliances they were supposed to be there to service than they did. A lot of wasted time and uncomfortable situations. (Usually with names like A1 or AAAA ... Something that would put them at the top of Yellow Page and search results.) And that's when I was "lucky" enough to get someone to show up. The number of companies that "took" the call from the extended warranty and then I just never heard from (no phone call, multiple missed appointment times) is fairly staggering. (I'd put it at fully HALF.)

All that was never an issue with GE. Prompt, courteous, knowledgeable service seems to be the exception, rather than the rule.

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PS: And, yes, just remembered, we DO have A&E Factory Service here. They were who LG sent out when I had an issue with my washer.

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We've had the GE Monogram double oven for ~18 months with no problems whatsoever--and I bake whenever I get the opportunity. We have baked, roasted, & broiled both on regular as well as convection and have been very happy with the results. My DS has had the GE Profile double ovens (same as the Monogram just a different exterior look & about ~$1K less expensive) for about 3 years now and like me she bakes all the time, roasts, & broils without a problem--she will tell you straight up that its the best oven she's ever owned. The only complaint I have with the ovens is that they take a while to preheat--but then again I was used to having a small oven 1 rack oven over a full size oven before and that small oven heated up in no time flat (it was also 1/3 the size of the oven I have now) so it makes sense that the larger oven takes longer to preheat.

Samsung CD refrigerator all the way. We have the Kenmore Elite badged Samsung CD SxS fridge and love it. It is well lit, the % split between fridge & freezer is perfect (yes, frozen pizza boxes fit in the freezer perfectly either standing on end or placed flat on the shelf), the interior set up is well thought out and useful, and it is quiet. Other than hearing ice drop into the in the door bin, we don't hear it at all. I don't see any difference in the color of the stainless between the Samsung fridge & the Monogram rangetop/double ovens. GE refrigerators do not have a good rep on GW. I have never owned one so I can't comment from personal experience. I will say, when comparing the Samsung, KE badged Samsung, & even LG fridges with ELux fridges, I found the ELux frdiges left a lot to be desired in terms of interior set up, lighting, quality, etc. The exteriors were beautiful, but when it ocmes right down to it, the inside of the fridge is what matters day in and day out. Just my $0.02 FWIW.

Hope this helps!

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We FOOLISHLY purchased the entire GE Monogram package November 2011...wall oven sensors replaced to resolve door too hot to touch and would not open, griddle fire on dual fuel range (grease STILL seeps under griddle accumulating under griddle around flame element..."GE Monogram Engineer looked at photos & determined grease accumulation there is normal"...SERIOUSLY!?!), & now this past July the 48" side by side refrigerator side fluctuates between 22-27 degrees freezing all the food. GE Tech replaced foam core, damper, fresh food sensor & mother board "hoping one of those solves the problem"...guess what? They didn't...damper being replaced a second time & THIS TIME IT IS COSTING OVER $400!!! Are we happy with GE Monogram? Not hardly! Just waiting for beverage frig, Advantium 240, warming drawer & dishwasher to add to the "fun"!

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